Is Mobile the Next Big Thing for Boomers?

Can mobile technology help build your dreams?

Can mobile technologies help build your dreams?

So, you tell me that people over 60 don’t use current mobile technologies. Only 30% (ages 47-56) of younger boomers and 28% of boomers between ages 57-67 are currently using mobile and smart phone technologies. Now, when you look at the saturation of earlier generations, you might wonder why you should develop mobile solutions for these older generations.  Here are five facts that you may not know about the baby boomer generation.  I hope this information changes the way you look at the baby boomer generation.

The first fact is most boomers see old age as occurring after 80. Most of these individuals feel as if they are into their middle age well into their 70’s.  The oldest baby boomers are in their late 60’s.  So when you talk about old people, they don’t think you’re talking to them.  You’re talking about their parents, who are in their 80’s and 90’s. Most baby boomers see themselves as 10-15 years younger than their chronological age.  Most boomers don’t fear technology like older people, such as their parents, do.

The second fact is over 50% of people this age exercises on a regular basis. This means they get out and do more than prior generations at similar ages. Many believe that they are in better shape today than they were ten years ago. They don’t plan to vegetate in a rocking chair watching the grass grow any time soon.  They’re very open to using technology to help them get the most out of their active lifestyles, such heart monitors and pedometers.

The third fact is they tend to be more involved in their communities. In many cases, they are much more actively involved in earlier generation’s lives and health. They also respond more positively to lifestyle driven advertising.   They have more time to pursue their lifetime interests and, in many cases, creating a second career doing something they love, such as photography, nonprofits, and involvement in outside sports. Not to embarrass anyone here, but many older people have told me about their increased interest in the opposite sex for both relationships and more. They are joining dating communities based own their own criteria and social groups. Boomers have no problem using technology to learn and share more about their interests and passions.

The fourth fact is 72% percent of boomers intend to keep working past the traditional retirement age of 65. For many, new vision and hearing technologies have increased their ability to keep happily engaged in their work and their careers for a much longer time. This means additional financial capabilities to buy more luxuries for themselves and other members of their extended families.   The increase financial capabilities also means boomers are ready, willing, and able to buy mobile devices to stay current in the work force and that they think will help them stay in touch with their extended families.

Finally, the fifth fact is the increased activities of these individuals require an increasing use of technology to support their more active lifestyles. They value their time and are more likely to spend that time learning how technology can increase their enjoyment of their lives.

Boomers enjoy sharing new things with family and friends and are more likely to share with others using these new social technologies.  Mobile technologies offer many time saving devices and programs that allow them to buy many different products quickly and in a cost effective way.

You can be the next big thing for boomers by brainstorming how to take advantage of this huge population demographic.  Avoid the stereotype that everyone over the age of 35 is technophobic, and you’d be amazed at the people you can reach with your mobile marketing.

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