Are you ready for sales growth in the age of digital transformation?

Are your sales teams ready for exponential growth?Are your sales teams ready for exponential growth?

How do you build your sales in a post pandemic age? What skills do you need to grow your business exponentially in 2021 and beyond?  I’m back on the road attending conferences in 2021. This time it’s the Sales 3.0 Conference on April 21-22 online.

There is still time for you to sign up for the event at Sales 3.0 Conference. Over the next four weeks I plan to share why you should consider attending the event with me.

I plan to interview a number of the speakers and give you a preview of what to expect. Their last conference had over 1000 attendees and the material was amazing. My clients always tell me it’s much more fun when I go for them. I bring back exactly what they need when they need it.

When I coach them through the content, they get the advantage of accelerated learning, I use an exponential coaching process to get better results from their training investments. I share it here today to help you get the most out of the event. Once you see the process, it transforms how you work with your teams.

Three elements to achieve mastery

Tony Robbins believes there are three elements to achieve mastery. The three elements include:

  • Modeling – This means finding someone who is already achieving the results you desire. Take time to learn what they do and how they do it. This initial process can accelerate your results by 10X.
  • Total Immersion – This means committing to what you want to achieve. Be willing to learn everything you can about a topic. Become the best in your markets. Be willing to play full out.
  • Spaced repetition – Here’s the secret sauce! Be willing to break things down into easy learnable lessons. Good sales training and leadership development means that your people are not overwhelmed by the content.

For this event, I bought the event recordings so I can review and break it down into smaller sessions for my clients’ teams. I also reach out to the speakers in advance to include them in my LinkedIn networks so I can keep track of their ideas and strategies to keep me growing.

What should you expect at the Sales 3.0 Conference?

So, what should you expect Sales 3.0 Conference?  The event focuses on sales growth strategies in the age of digital transformation. Just by the title you can tell why I’m so excited about sharing it with you in my community! This topic in is on the top of my CEOs’ minds as they strategize with their sales leadership on what we need to do to accelerate growth in the coming year.

I’ve chosen several different presentations at the event that you should plan to attend. They are topics that we discuss here on a regular basis. They help you build the required mindset to accelerate growth in the coming years. They are the foundation of exponential growth for your organization. 

How is sales evolving in the future?

The keynote is Uniting People, Processes, and Technology to Win the Moments that Matter. Andee Harris is the new CEO of Challenger. She is going to focus on what it takes to build a winning sales culture.  Like most new CEOs she wants to share her vision.  I intend to discuss this further on a future blog. You can learn more about Andee here. 

What makes a great leader? What is the secret of success for entrepreneurs and their sales teams? Dr. Diane Hamilton, CEO of Tonerra and Co-founder, DIMA Innovations shares why curiosity is the key to success in sales.  You can learn more about Diane here.

Can curiosity make you a stronger leader?

Many of the best sales leaders I know are always curious.  They are always asking questions. For many sales leaders curiosity is the foundation of their team coaching activity. Did you know only 15% of your teams are curious?

Care to guess which 15% they are?  Does that question make you curious? What do you need to do to help develop a more curious organization?

Leverage stories for competitive advantage

I’m a huge fan of story as a competitive advantage in sales today. Many leaders could gain from using humor in their stories like Warren Buffett.

You may like to share fantastic stories like Sir Richard Branson

They learned how to use stories and humor to connect and engage their teams and their clients. I’m always asked whether great storytellers born or made. From my experience with these leaders, I would say both.

Sales stories can help you grow!

Creating a great story playbook is essential to help share your client successes. B2B marketers who master stories master their markets. How would you like an easy process to help you develop your stories? Matthew Pollard, Founder and CEO of Rapid Growth helps you tell your stories. You can learn more about Matthew here. 

Matthew  has a proven process that gets the attention of many of your best clients. Do your stories help you find your best clients? Great stories can transform your sales by better educating clients before their clients. Wouldn’t you like to know how?

As an added bonus you learn how a great story can attract your best team members. As the market continues to heat up you want to be able to attract great salespeople to your team.

How can sales leaders create exponential growth?

How do your best salespeople create fantastic client experiences and engagement as your clients return to work? Cherilynn  Castleman shares several ways to build deeper relationships with your customers and clients.  You can learn more about Cherilynn here. 

How much easier would your sales teams’ lives be if they could build stronger, deeper relationships with customers? The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives! Is your sales team ready  to engage at this new level of relationships?

To help your sale team go exponential, it’s critical to transform your client relationships through authenticity. This presentation helps your team excel in this new business environment.

Cherilynn Castleman helps you better understand these sales trends. She also shares how to develop these skills in your team. A sales leaders we need to accelerate our teams learning to win more business. She is both an Executive Coach for CGI and Chief Learning officer at Sistas in Sales.

Are custom videos the future of sales?

Let me share one of my favorite topics using video to stand out and position yourself as an expert. But that has to wait until my next post!

Did I get you interested in the Sales 3.0 Conference? You can sign up here. I’m covering this event for several clients. For the next several weeks we talk with the presenters and other experts about these topics.

My commitment to you is to get your sales team ready to grow exponentially. Stick around, I know you will enjoy the ride. 

If you have questions you would like me to ask the presenters, please let me know. I will be setting up interviews over the next several weeks leading up to the event. I am not compensated for sharing this event with you. I’m sure you already knew this, but the people at the FTC make sure I told you.   

See you on Friday on Empowering Serving Leaders where we talk about this new video opportunity. We will share how you can use video to achieve your sales goals with video. I can’t wait to introduce you to Tyler Lessard Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard!

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