What communication skills are required for great leadership?

Can Bill Lampton Ph.D. help increase your communication skills?Can Bill Lampton Ph.D. help increase your communication skills?

Leadership today is about having effective communication skills! How can you improve these critical capabilities as you grow as a leader? I’d like to share a critical resource to help take your life and career to the next level.

I co-host The Communication Corner on Clubhouse with Bill Lampton Ph.D. and Mary Schmidt Amons. This week we are going to discuss  different situations you may find yourself in as you grow as a leader. For many managers today, it’s our communication skills that determine if we become leaders in our lives and careers.

Communication skills for many situations

Today you work with many different teams, from remote to on-premises or somewhere in between. You need to connect on a personal level with others. Gallup studies have consistently shown employees who feel connected to their managers are more productive, happier, and more engaged both in business and their lives. These are critical elements for an organization’s success. 

To succeed, you need  to engage and empower your teams. For leaders, this means running meetings, increasing your listening skills, and providing direction remotely.

Increased need for training and development

Over the past year, for many entrepreneurs, this means increasing your writing time and providing training and development to team members on multiple shifts and locations. This could include Zoom training and producing different videos for your customers and partners.

The past year has created many challenges and opportunities. As leaders, we must connect with our many stakeholders through multi-channel communication strategies. People want to be led during challenging times. We had to step up. To get great results, you have to take your communication skills to a higher level.

Communication skills are critical to team success

I’ve found that my teams expect more from me during challenging times. They expect me to help create a safe space. To support this culture your communication skills must:

  • Build and enhance trust.
  • Show compassion and understanding.
  • Provide certainty and continuity.
  • Inspire and motivate others.
  • Enhance community and wellness.

How do leaders do this effectively? These simple ideas must be designed into your communication plans. We can help you incorporate these elements into your leadership and management capabilities.

There is no one way to become a more effective communicator. Learning how to leverage your strengths as a communicator can transform your life. This allows you to become a more power communicator in any given circumstance or event. 

 How do you connect to others?

We share tips to help you become more effective at these critical capabilities. As a leader, you need to know how to do this even when you don’t have in person connections with the important people in your lives.

We’ve created The Communication Corner on Clubhouse to help you grow and succeed in today’s overcommunicated environment. Learn more about Mary Schmidt Amons’ background in Women Entrepreneurs, How do You Get Your Voice Heard?  We help you increase your leadership and communication skills.

Introducing Bill Lampton Ph.D.

I’d like to introduce you to one of our co-moderators, Bill Lampton. He and I have known each other for several years. He can help leaders enhance our communication skills.

Bill Lampton Ph.D. is a communication coach and so much more. He has an extensive background helping leaders find and develop their voice. Many of Bill’s clients are individuals who are extraordinarily successful in their current roles and are being tasked with increasing responsibility. He can help us go from good to great!

Bill Lampton Ph.D.  has taught at the University of Georgia.  He served in a Vice President role at three universities and a medical center. He has spent the past 20 years leading his own business as a successful entrepreneur. You can learn more about why people consider him The Biz Communication Guy here! 

It’s critical today to understand what you are trying to communicate and the best way to do this.  What I love about Bill is that he can always provide a great solution to the challenges we face a leaders.  He helps remove self-limiting barriers and build a more powerful mindset to help business leaders speak confidently, clearly, and convincingly.

Develop communication skills to influence others!

Bill’s proven success as a fundraiser and healthcare executive can help you take your communication skills to the next level. He knows how to influence others and get them to take action on your ideas.

We are working in an ensemble economy. This means you could be working with different teams every day. You must develop your confidence in how people perceive your leadership. Confident leaders attract the best team members to their projects.

New media requires new mindsets

Bill works with clients to master different media to allow them to leverage video, writing in their businesses, and, now, Clubhouse. He’s fantastic, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can join us at 11:00 EST every Friday for The Communication Corner.

Want a preview of what you might hear?  Check out the Bill Lampton Ph.D. at his YouTube channel.  There are hundreds of different interviews he’s done with other great communicators. There are so many great interviews there. But I’m biased. Make sure you subscribe! 

Come see us at The Communication Corner on Friday at 11:00 EST. Here’s this week’s meeting. This link will only work on an Apple device with Clubhouse installed.

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