Entrepreneur, Is it time for you to be a moderator on Clubhouse?

What makes a great Clubhouse moderator?What makes a great Clubhouse moderator?

Have you been enjoying your Clubhouse experience so far? What’s your biggest takeaway?  Who is you favorite moderator?

I really enjoy the interaction in many different groups. I’ve been lucky enough to reconnect with many fans and mentors on Clubhouse.  For example, last week I listened to Les Brown talking about diversity with Brian Tracy. It was amazing. Two of my favorite mentors in self-development sharing their perspectives on what’s happening today. I didn’t even know it was going on until a friend pinged me into the room.

Clubhouse is great for meeting new people. I’ve met so many new people I share so much in common. It’s great to participate with friends and partners around the world. You never know who might walk into a room with you.

FOMO runs wild on Clubhouse. In case you don’t know what FOMO is, it’s the Fear of Missing Out. I didn’t know either until one of my younger Clubhouse mentors told me after a meeting.

What’s next on your Clubhouse journey? 

Many of my friends and, for that matter, my clients have been asking what’s next for them on Clubhouse? I enjoy being a moderator in the room. I moderate with partners in five Clubhouses, with different topics in each and different co-moderators as well. We run smaller more intimate rooms. This is a great environment to learn all the different aspects of the Clubhouse experience.

Can you take your experience to the next level?

Many people enjoy just participating in Clubhouse rooms.  If you want to kick it up a notch, consider being a moderator. Being a moderator can be fun. It takes the Clubhouse experience to a different level. Let me share a process to help you get started today. If you want some practice time moderating a room, we would love to have you in one of our Clubhouse rooms. They are great places to develop your moderating skills.

Here is a quick checklist to get you started on your way.

The good news is there are 3 ways to become a moderator:

  • Create a room.
  • Get an invitation from another moderator to promote you from an audience member.
  • Approach a moderator in a room you are active in and offer to be moderator for them providing them support in their room.

What’s the point of being a moderator?  Well, as a moderator you can:

  • Mute/unmute speakers
  • Bring speakers to the stage
  • Accept requests from audience members to speak
  • Promote speakers to moderators
  • Help facilitate discussions and reset the room
  • Some moderators share the room’s format to facilitate better discussions

Want more help on How to start a clubhouse room and moderate like a pro from Michael Stelzner.

Know the rules of the Clubhouse you’re moderating. 

A note here, take time to understand the room dynamics before you jump in as moderator. Bigger clubhouses have different rules than smaller ones.

It helps to know if the Clubhouse has particular rules they work by. If you want to be invited back as moderator, its best you play by the community’s rules. Clubhouse is a community-based platform. If you don’t like their specific rules, you can always find another Clubhouse that matches how you like to participate in the conversation. They even have a button for you to leave quietly. You can’t beat that!

What makes a great moderator?

To be a great moderator:

  • Choose the right speakers and takes advantage of the diversity in the room to bring a variety of experiences to the platform.
  • Reach out to people who may not be as quick to respond to question or have more reserved communication style when interacting with others.
  • Use active listening skills to bring out the best in the people you’re interacting with. Some people respond quickly others wait and then speak. Almost everyone has their own unique style on this platform.
  • Don’t be disappointed if not everyone wants to talk. Many people on Clubhouse are there just to listen.

I try to review everyone in the room’s profile over the course of the discussions. Sometimes I call on someone who I think might make a great contribution to conversation. Most times they do, and they continue to contribute beyond that point.

Support the speaker when speaking. The easiest way to do that is to flash your microphone off and on when a speaker makes a great point.

The Moderator is the CEO of the room.

Being moderator means you have the ability to manage an unruly Clubhouse member through your moderator controls. You can remove a person from the stage if they are being disruptive.

You can also report them if they become a habitual problem. I haven’t this problem yet but have been in rooms where a moderator did.

On the other hand, you can also make other people in the room moderators.  This is a great way to help others learn and make certain no one gets overlooked in a larger room.

A great moderator can make a huge difference in room. I’ve covered the basics today to help get you started. I will continue sharing a number of tools and mindsets that you can use to accelerate development of your moderator skills.

If you’re going to be the CEO of your Clubhouse you might find this article helpful! What communication skills are required for great leadership? 

See you here next week.

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