How do you get the most out of your influencer marketing in 2021?

How do you get the most out of your influencer marketing in 2021?How do you get the most out of your influencer marketing in 2021?

Influencer marketing isn’t new for most organizations. In October, Digital Marketplace reported that the influencer marketing industry is expected to hit 10 billion dollars by the end of 2020. Influencer marketing is growing exponentially. More than 67% of marketers promote content with the help of influencers. The statistics may surprise you

In case you’re just starting to learn about influencer marketing, here’s a great place to get an overview on the current state of Influencer Marketing in 2020

How are your influencer marketing results?

With so much discussion about influencer marketing,  you’d think everyone is incredibly happy with the results they get from their investment. Over 60% of the marketing people I talk with tell me they are concerned if this is a sustainable trend.

They share how the numbers were so much higher earlier in their influencer marketing campaigns. Many have had at least one bad experience in dealing with influencers. Brands share their inconsistent results.

What I’ve learned as an influencer

I’m an influencer. There I said it, I confess. COVID19 has given organizations an opportunity to mean something more than just being a vendor to clients and customers. We have the chance to provide our clients with a positive partner during this most challenging time. Influencers can provide that positive partnership because they are part of the larger community.

Why does Influencer marketing fail?

Many brands fail to hit their goals using influencer marketing. I’ve been involved with several hundred influencers over the past 5 years. I’ve been involved in small and large events, from 25 to over 30,000 people in attendance.

As a technology influencer for years, I have a confession about technology influencers.  We’re different. For tech brands, things can change very quickly. Many times overnight. Of course, I’m also an influencer or thought leader in digital and channel marketing. I’ve been a Regional President for Microsoft Partners with over several hundred partners here in the Midwest.

I serve as a trusted partner to executives in marketing and business communications. My influence helps organizations have impact.  I’ve never thought of myself as an influencer. My clients certainly didn’t think of me as one either.

What makes your influencer programs work?

But based on my success in influencing people, I know successful influencer marketing programs share three key elements. Miss any one and your program is going to have trouble. Do your influencers:

  • tell a better brand story?
  • create engaging content?
  • elevate customer relationships?

The missing element

There’s a fourth element you won’t find in many articles on influencer marketing. They have a strong leader who can balance creativity with the ability to hit deadlines and drive business results. Sounds like  job for Wonder Woman or Superman. How did your program do?

What would it be worth to get a backstage pass to some of the best influencer programs on the planet? An opportunity to hear how some of the best marketers are leveraging influencer marketing programs to have impact on their best stakeholders, both inside and outside their organization.  Want to be the fly on the wall while the best of the best describe how they do it?

Then I’ve got great news! you can sign up here for a free program on Thursday, October 29th at 1:00 PM EST which is 10:00 AM PST.  Sign up here.

Participating marketing leaders include:

  • Kathleen Reidenbach, Chief Commercial Officer, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts
  • Guillaume Conteville, Senior Vice President of Global Digital Marketing, Mastercard
  • Steve Rummer, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Creative, NBC Universal
  • Zara Mirza, Director of Global Brand, GE
  • Kari Lincks Coonan, Director of Managed Services, AspireIQ

Why should you go?

So, here’s the scoop. I’m involved in Reuter’s Strategic Marketing USA on November 5-6. I’m a moderator talking about Influencer Marketing. I want you to be successful in your influencer marketing programs.  I want to give you a chance to see if you like the virtual format of the event risk-free. I’ve been to several recent Reuters events and I really enjoyed the experience.

Let me also share why I’m going to the Reuter’s Events Strategic Marketing USA event in November at their blog.

Sign up for different programs there depending on your needs and budget. I’ll be there both days, moderating two panels. Check back here and on their blogs to see what I learn just in time to help you finalize your marketing plans for 2021. Check out the event on Thursday.  If you think it makes sense, sign up for the larger event the following week. See you later this week on Thursday and next week at the virtual conference.

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