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Deepdive can help your managers become better at mastering communications.

Can Deepdive Help Your Managers Better Engage Their Teams?

Social audio is taking social media by storm as many companies continue to look for ways to create more connection and engagement with their teams. Deepdive launched last week, and  I’ve had an opportunity to explore their solution. I was on several different discussions talking about what makes social audio…

How can social audio impact your business?

Can Your Business Use a Social Audio Makeover?

Social Audio has made a huge splash over the past 12 months. Many new companies are showing up on the horizon. The pandemic has transformed how we do business and virtual events, and remote work teams have created a perfect storm for many organizations to begin leveraging emerging technologies to…

What makes a great Clubhouse moderator?

Entrepreneur, Is it time for you to be a moderator on Clubhouse?

Have you been enjoying your Clubhouse experience so far? What’s your biggest takeaway?  Who is you favorite moderator? I really enjoy the interaction in many different groups. I’ve been lucky enough to reconnect with many fans and mentors on Clubhouse.  For example, last week I listened to Les Brown talking…

Is the future of healthcare digital?

How do you learn more about the future of healthcare technologies?

What have we learned about healthcare from this current pandemic? Many things have changed over the past 18 months. Only two things are for certain in life; death and taxes! How these two converge is transforming the future of healthcare forever. The pandemic has changed our world forever. I know…

Can Bill Lampton Ph.D. help increase your communication skills?

What communication skills are required for great leadership?

Leadership today is about having effective communication skills! How can you improve these critical capabilities as you grow as a leader? I’d like to share a critical resource to help take your life and career to the next level. I co-host The Communication Corner on Clubhouse with Bill Lampton Ph.D….

Clubhouse can offer you new opportunities in social media

Entrepreneurs, is there a Clubhouse in your future?

Have you heard of 2021’s hottest social media app called Clubhouse? Clubhouse is the number five Social Media Network App behind Facebook, Messenger, What’sApp, and Discord.  According to Fortune Magazine in January 2021, it was downloaded 2.3 million times. In April, Clubhouse celebrates it’s one year anniversary. In January 2021…

Are your sales teams ready for exponential growth?

Are you ready for sales growth in the age of digital transformation?

How do you build your sales in a post pandemic age? What skills do you need to grow your business exponentially in 2021 and beyond?  I’m back on the road attending conferences in 2021. This time it’s the Sales 3.0 Conference on April 21-22 online. There is still time for…

Virtual meetings can increase a sales teams' success!

Can Virtual Meetings Give Your Sales Team an Edge?

Virtual meetings are everywhere today! How have your sales teams responded to the challenges of selling remotely? Many organizations I’ve talked with feel there is something missing in their virtual selling activities. What can you do to take advantage of the current situation to build stronger relationships with your best…

Knowing your team member’s strengths helps leaders build great teams!

90 Minutes to start building your leadership team’s strengths!

Last week we talked about developing your leadership skills. Today we talk about shaping these critical skills into powerful personal strengths. Last week I asked you to choose 4 items on the list that you wanted to work on in 2021. You can find the article at How can entrepreneurs…

Developing great leadership skills can accelerate your business growth

How can entrepreneurs improve their critical leadership skills in 2021?

What leadership skills are required to build your business in 2021? How do you build a better you in 2021? I’ve spent the last 6 weeks working with clients on growing their business in 2021. We put together action plans and created go to market strategies for the coming year….