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How does accounting technology transform your accounting practice?

How do you reinvent accounting technology for 2020 and beyond?

What does the future hold for accounting technology? How prepared is your accounting team for a future with increasing use of technology and complexity? As you know, for several years I’ve served as a Sage Global Business Expert. In this role, I shared many great events and articles with you…

What does the future of technology education look like?

What does the future of technology education look like?

Preview(opens in a new tab) The future of education is about upskilling and reskilling your workforce for the future. I recently interviewed Elaina Farnsworth, CEO of The NEXT Education. She shared how education is changing. We also discussed how to take your life and business to the next level by…

Elaina Farnsworth shares the development of the future workforce

What is the Future for Your Technology Workforce?

How do we reach our potential in connected and autonomous vehicles? What needs to happen to make these vehicles a reality? I believe our workforce is the future of technology. What changes to the workforce must occur? Recently, I had a chance to attend The Automotive Festival in Michigan.  This…

Can email marketing connect you to your best clients?

How tech companies accelerate growth with Email marketing!

Can email marketing help you take your software business or professional service businesses to the next level? I’ve been attending a number of virtual events for clients over past eight weeks. My clients want to know how to increase their results from participating in these events. I have my own…

Are you understanding your clients’ current emotions?

Can you use emotions to create better sales results?

Last week we talked about how emotions can help your marketing have more impact by creating a more powerful sales message at the beginning of your client relationships. Understanding how your customer feels is especially important when they are uncertain about their own future. The Army trained me on emotional…

Can emotions help you build stronger connections to your ideal clients?

How do you connect with your ideal clients through emotion?

Your ideal clients are currently operating in overload. They are overworked and underappreciated.  I was talking to an entrepreneur earlier this week about how marketing is changing in this pandemic. He was genuinely concerned about his future and that of his organization.   I started my sales career door to…

How will your website support your growth goals in the coming years?

Is Your Website Helping You Grow Your Business in 2020?

How has the recent crisis changed the way you go to market? What role does your website have in your business’s future growth? For many businesses, their websites have not been updated for several years. Their material seems out of date. Basic information is difficult to find.  In many cases,…

Can Nicolas Babin help you through your digital transformation efforts?

Introducing Nicolas Babin, Digital Storyteller and Market Innovator

What role does artificial intelligence have in the future of market leadership? I’ve seen the rise of a new kind of business executive, one that is at home working with technology teams and their best customers. Nicolas Babin represents this kind of entrepreneurial leadership. Leverage digital storytelling and emerging technologies….

Can digital marketing help get your business growing again in 2020?

How to Leverage Digital Marketing Capabilities to Increase Sales in 2020!

How do you leverage digital marketing capabilities to get your business back on track in 2020? It’s been a tough 90 days for many entrepreneurs, both big and small. I’ve had a number of lengthy conversations with a wide range of  CXOs. They feel challenged by the current market conditions….