Entrepreneurs, is there a Clubhouse in your future?

Clubhouse can offer you new opportunities in social mediaClubhouse can offer you new opportunities in social media

Have you heard of 2021’s hottest social media app called Clubhouse? Clubhouse is the number five Social Media Network App behind Facebook, Messenger, What’sApp, and Discord.  According to Fortune Magazine in January 2021, it was downloaded 2.3 million times.

In April, Clubhouse celebrates it’s one year anniversary. In January 2021 it had over 2,000,000 users. Today in April 2021 it has over 10 million users. It’s experiencing exponential growth and this app is currently only available on Apple iPhone and iPad platforms.

Currently, the most followed account is Clubhouse co-founder Rohan Seth, with 4.48 million followers. All of the top five most popular people have at least 3.5 million followers. Its current valuation is 1 billion dollars. If you want more facts on Clubhouse, you can find them here on Backlinko.

Should you be on Clubhouse?

These are some amazing numbers! Clubhouse has spawned new products from Twitter and over 30 other Social Audio companies. Jeremiah Owyang wrote a fantastic article called The Future of Social Audio: Startups, Roadmap, Business Models, and a Forecast. No spoilers here, Jeremiah shares his thinking on what the future holds in this market. He has a great understanding of both large and small trends impacting our society.

I was lucky to be on his call the day he hosted a conversation on this article and his views. The bad news is like most Clubhouse events, this wasn’t recorded. The other part of Clubhouse’s charm is you never know who might show up for your events. I’ll share more about this aspect of Clubhouse later. 

Find new ideas on Clubhouse 

Jeremiah and his Clubhouse came up with many different ways that people can monetize Clubhouse. The app continues to add new capabilities and functionalities.

This is a very new product. Just a year old and recent investments should increase the speed of product development. This was the first major Clubhouse I attended, and it was immediately apparent to me the experience Clubhouse can provide.

Over the last 4 months I invested over 150 hours attending all kinds of rooms with many different people and topics. Clubhouse can be addicting. This platform is 24/7 and has global reach. With the pandemic, many found Clubhouse to be a great place to get the social involvement so many people need.

I’ve invited a number of people onto the platform. From my new dentist to corporate bankers to business partners and fellow coaches. I should mention, today it requires an invitation from a current member to get in. There is a work around, but you’ll need a little planning to secure a spot in Clubhouse. I’ll share several options to help get you started! 

Can you do well on Clubhouse?

You might notice I ask about leaders. Clubhouse as a social platform requires people to be involved. No amount of automation, as of yet can allow you not to be present if you’re interacting with others. Many other social media platforms allow you to automate your social media activities. Choosing when and where you get onboard.

Because the nature of Clubhouse you find a wide range of experts on the platform. Topic selection and diversity of thought are present on the many different topics. It’s up to you where you invest your time. Don’t choose too quickly.

The advice you receive on Clubhouse can go from extraordinary to absurd. Each person must decide what to do with the information they hear! What does this mean for your efforts on Clubhouse? It means you get to choose where you spend your time and with whom.

Reaching a global audience on Clubhouse 

If you are an expert in your field, you have a ready made global audience. Because it’s global, even the smallest topics can generate a great room for conversation. All you need is an iPhone or iPad and a membership and you’re ready to go. We’ll talk in another blog on how to jumpstart your activities.

Because Clubhouse is a new app, it may take longer to master. You have a wide range of professionals on the platform who are always there. People that are self help speakers and cover a wide range of topics from personal to business.

Interact with leaders in your field

Celebrity entrepreneurs and investors have been known to pop up in a room giving your room instant credibility. When Elon Musk showed up, he crashed the system, or at least made it impossible to get into the room.

Many entertainers have realized the power of the platform. Getting into preplanned sessions is a hot ticket. Ability to ask a great question of your favorite celebrity, priceless.

There is an incredible amount of intimacy established through the human voice. The fact these programs only last as long as they are online. Clubhouse does not want recordings made as part of their unique differentiation strategy. They want you there listening and being involved. 

Leverage Clubhouse for accelerated learning!

Here’s the bad news about the celebrity culture we live in today. There are a number of ways to access your favorite people, but the next big business opportunity is how to leverage the platform in new ways.

Many successful entrepreneurs have built great businesses training people on how to get the most out of their social media investments. This will happen on Clubhouse as well. The platform has many different types of training available no matter your level of expertise. 

What are potential challenges?

Since this a new platform it reminds me of the wild, wild west. Clubhouse has created an accelerated path to revenue.  It’s attracting a large base of early adopters who will shape the platform for years to come.

You must be aware that not all of them may have your best interests at heart. With an accelerating growth curve and the ability to scale quickly you’ve already seen some challenges.

Unlimited possibilities for success 

With a global, real time platform the possibilities of abuse could run rampant. Technology is advancing quickly. Word of mouth still rules on this platform. Clubhouse has built in a number of controls into their technology to help you with these potential problems.

The creativity of entrepreneurs provides a fantastic opportunity on this platform and many others that are similar.

Later this week I’ll start sharing what I’ve learned about setting up and moderating several different Clubhouses. I’ll also start sharing how you can get off to a great start. 

One of the interesting differences of Clubhouse is that part of the onboarding process, they recommend your mentor give you a quick onboarding to help enjoy and maximize your early experiences.

Make getting started easier

Don’t worry, I took notes. I was onboarded by several great mentors and I’ll share what I learned and how you can as well.

If your on Clubhouse you can also follow me their at Tripp Braden. I’ll follow you back and if you like we can set up a room together. 

See you Thursday on Empowering Serving Leaders where I share what kinds of businesses and people do well on Clubhouse.


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