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Are your sales teams ready for exponential growth?

Are you ready for sales growth in the age of digital transformation?

How do you build your sales in a post pandemic age? What skills do you need to grow your business exponentially in 2021 and beyond?  I’m back on the road attending conferences in 2021. This time it’s the Sales 3.0 Conference on April 21-22 online. There is still time for…

How do you find your best potential clients?

10 ways to close more potential clients before the end of 2020!

It’s that time of year again, fourth quarter. A time when many companies want to end the year on a strong note. Where I live the colors are changing and so are many potential clients’ minds. I love working with clients in the fourth quarter of the year. It’s a…

What are the qualities of a smarter sales leader today?

Is Your Organization Ready For Smarter Sales Leaders?

What are the critical elements to great sales leadership? So many people I talk with tell me things are changing for them as sales leaders. The increasing complexity of doing business, global competition, and a limited group of talented professionals to choose from are changing the role of sales leaders. …

What skills do you need for team selling success?

What Skills Do You Need for Team Selling Success?

I believe the biggest sales trend of 2016 and beyond is team selling. Every executive I talk with asks me what trend has the largest impact on revenue growth for 2016.  I share with them that sales has become a team sport. Team selling is going to change the way…

Can better questions help organize your priorities?

Can Better Questions Can Make You a Stronger Leader?

How do you increase your influence over others? How do you build stronger relationships with the key people in your life? What’s the one tool that can help separate good leaders from the great? Great questions help you become a stronger leader today.

Do you know your clients’ trigger events?

Can Knowing Trigger Events Improve Your Sales Results?

Companies spend millions of dollars marketing and advertising, hoping they capture their clients’ hearts and minds early in the sales cycle. So many of your best clients are too busy to respond to a call or respond to an email. How can you use trigger events to help you become…

How can social selling improve your sales results?

Do Your Sales Results Need a Social Selling Makeover?

Do your sales efforts need a social selling makeover? Many of my newer clients swear by their social selling results. Many of my old line manufacturing organizations are still struggling to get their sales teams to begin using a social selling process. I think the problem is more terminology based…

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How Disengaged Are Your Sales Team Members?

I’m working on several projects where clients have asked me to determine if their sales team is fully engaged. There have been several recent national studies stating between 60-70 % of employees working today are not engaged in their jobs. Over 15% of these employees are no longer engaged, but…

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How Do You Build an Extraordinary Sales Career Today?

How do you take your business to the next level? What skills are critical for your business to become a market leader in today’s changing market? As a regular reader of Market Leadership Journal, you know how important we think it is for you to be able to prospect and…