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Can you see into the future of social media?

CEO, How Important Is Social Media to Your Growth Strategy?

How can entrepreneurs determine if they should invest their critical resources in social media? If you’re a midmarket leader you may not be using social media to grow your business today. When will you know the time is right to jump in? This is a question many of my clients…

The Three Ps of LinkedIn’s Power

I recently asked a LinkedIn expert’s opinion on the top three mistakes people make on LinkedIn. His response: “It comes down to three Ps: Profile, People and Participation.”

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How Fast is Your Social Strategy?

Your business is using social media, but you aren’t getting the results you want. How do you change your strategy to get your desired results?

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Is Mobile the Next Big Thing for Boomers?

So, you tell me that people over 60 don’t use current mobile technologies. Only 30% (ages 47-56) of younger boomers and 28% of boomers between ages 57-67 are currently using mobile and smart phone technologies. Now, when you look at the saturation of earlier generations, you might wonder why you…

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How to Begin Building Your Mobile Strategy

For many small and midmarket organizations, mobile can be a giant killer. So how do you leverage technology to get the results you are looking for with mobile?  Since this is the first Mobile Monday, I thought it might be helpful to share with you how mobile can help you…

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Why you must be your market’s most visible leader

Last week we talked about how you can become a market leader using some simple strategies to position you and your business as a leader of your market. I’ve worked with many early stage businesses and technologies and have discovered the earlier you begin putting this foundational element into place,…

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How to Position Yourself in Changing Markets

Since marketing is changing so quickly, how do you create a brand that keeps up with the times? One that will allow you to rides the waves of change in marketing trends while helping you become the clear market leader. I recommend a single strategy that has allowed many of…

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Are You Playing the Odds?

What do the numbers 5, 15, 80 have in common? Take a moment to consider what these numbers might mean to your growing organization. When I first heard this twenty plus years ago, I was amazed at the impact these numbers have. Many of you have probably heard of the…

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Is There a Contest in Your Future?

I’m working with one of my favorite clients this week. We’re trying to decide the best way to engage his members.  We did some brainstorming and came up with several ideas that should help involve his members during the spring sports season. With graduation, sports championships, and prom in the…

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Using Personality in Your Copy

One of the most effective ways to make your marketing sizzle, and to make real connections with your customers and clients, is to add your personality. The fact is, customers prefer to do business with people whom they know and like – not nameless and faceless corporations. Personality works. It…