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Can automotive entrepreneurs can leverage new opportunities for profitable growth?

How Automotive Entrepreneurs Build an Edge for Growth!

Are transformational business changes poised to disrupt the automotive industry for the long term? Here are several changes you might have missed, but your competitors haven’t! The future isn’t what it used to be. Successful automotive entrepreneurs should leverage these changes to build stronger organizations today!

Do your headlines hit their targets?

Can Better Headlines Help Bring You More Clients?

You invest significant time to write a great article. When you’re finished, you can’t wait to share it with the world. What if I told you if you invest as little as 20 minutes more you could increase your readership and sharing by double, triple, or 10X? What the secret…

How can social selling improve your sales results?

Do Your Sales Results Need a Social Selling Makeover?

Do your sales efforts need a social selling makeover? Many of my newer clients swear by their social selling results. Many of my old line manufacturing organizations are still struggling to get their sales teams to begin using a social selling process. I think the problem is more terminology based…

What do know about your best clients?

Can Target Marketing Provide Entrepreneurs an Edge?

What’s the biggest shift in marketing over the past several years? Successful entrepreneurs today understand how important it is to target their message to their best clients and markets. These entrepreneurs understand the importance of creating a message that resonates with their key clients and customers. Target marketing can increase the…

What leadership skills are needed for merger boom time?

What Leadership Skills are Needed for Merger Boom Time?

These are high times for mergers and acquisitions.  In 2014, corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) worldwide reached a seven year high of around $4 trillion. KPMG’s 2015 M&A Outlook Survey Report was headed “The Boom is Back: M&A Reemerges as Leading Growth Strategy”. “Boom”? Does that sound like a good time…

Can Steve Jobs help make you more creative?

How Can Entrepreneurs Become More Creative?

How do you become more creative in your projects? How to create more innovative solutions to your most challenging tasks and responsibilities starting now!

Have you identified your key constituents?

How to Create a Winning Change Plan

I often say that change is a reactionary sport. However, we do want to be as anticipatory as possible. Why a change plan can help you seize opportunities!