Can A Great Economist Provide Your Organization an Edge?

Can an great economist help you see into the future?Can an great economist help you see into the future?
Can an great economist help you see into the future?

Can an great economist help you see into the future?

Several of my larger clients have economists working with their leadership teams. Some do it on an informal basis and others are part of their advisory teams. Many work with strategic planning and some work with M&A professionals.  All provide a significant advantage to the organizations they work with.

You may be thinking, “Sure they work with large organizations, Tripp, but not all of us have time to invest in these programs. We aren’t all visiting professors and have time to invest in these programs.” I have a question for you as the leader of a successful organization. How much would it be worth to you to invest an hour of your time to get a great overview of where the global economy is moving and how you might be able to invest your time and resources to get the best return on them?

When I was younger, I had several clients who shared with me the secrets of their success.  One of those key secrets was they had a multi-disciplinary background, including a study of economics. What if I shared that they all become market leaders because they had the knack of picking where they could leverage their strengths in different ways than competitors to create great opportunities several months, if not years, before the competition. Understanding economics has allowed several well-known investors to create global opportunities for their organizations. I can share one or two of them with you in hopes of getting you to attend a great program this week. The first is John Templeton, and the second is Charlie Munger. Both of these individuals are strong believers in understanding the key economic drivers in their many investments.

Why have I chosen to share this secret with you now? Here’s why.  I believe your job as Chief Entrepreneurial Officer (CEO) is constantly evolving and changing. To keep up, we need to expand our capabilities to see the bigger picture. Most of the successful business leaders I know are always looking for an edge. I believe these types of programs are critical to your own ongoing growth. Over the past 30 years, I’ve attended many of these kinds of programs to help my clients get an edge. Since my role is changing with several long term clients, I’ve been asked to share some of the things I’ve learned from my best clients and partners. I will be spending more time writing with partners in the coming 18 months. I will be sharing those with you when I return home in two weeks. I know I’m very excited about these potential partnerships.

Now back to the program on Tuesday, this week. Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services is sharing another one of their Economic Perspective Programs. Roger Nanney, Vice Chairman, Deloitte LLP and National Leader of Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services, is hosting a discussion with Dr. Ira Kalish, Chief Global Economist for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited on February 10 at 1:00p.m., EST. Dr. Kalish is a specialist in global economic issues, as well as the effects of economic, demographic and social trends on the global business environment.

They will be discussing what lies ahead for the US and global economies. This program focuses on mid-market and privately held businesses. I know that you will gain some great insights into what the coming year holds for our organizations. So what’s the cost of this for you? It’s Free! If you attended the last program featuring Roger Nanney and several great CEOs from the middle market being interviewed by Liz Claman. We had an incredible response to the program. I added an additional section for my clients in which I shared what I got out of the program and how to begin taking advantage of what they learned. The response was so positive, I decided to do this again.  So next week I’ll break down what we learned and how you might take advantage of some of the information Dr. Ira Kalish shares Tuesday.

A disclaimer here, I don’t work for Deloitte.  My agenda is to provide you a great program that will help you grow your business.  We have over 135,000 readers in our global leadership communities and we want to keep growing. To do this, I need to find great material for you to complement what you find here on a regular basis. These programs let me help you have an opportunity to interact and hear from many of the best people in our markets.  So sign up today for the program.  Next week, I’ll share how you might apply what was discussed in the program.

I had several clients take one key idea and apply it to their business and they are beginning to see results in less than 60 days. If you read me or any of the other great writers here at The Market Leadership Journal, you already know we are about implementation and execution, not just learning great ideas. If you don’t feel you get real value for your time invested, let me know. We will not do it again. I’ll also provide you an additional hour of my time to help you get value from it. I believe that strongly in helping CEOs get the best information at the right time to grow their organizations.  See you on Friday, when I introduce the newest writer on our Market Leadership Journal team.  See you then.

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