Finally, A Guide To Internet Marketing For Real Business Owners!

There’s so much noise around the Internet and social media today. The challenge for many technology businesses is what to do first and what to do to support your internet marketing efforts. This blog post starts at the beginning of your marketing efforts and focuses on how to use the internet to strategically grow your business. We will be writing more blogs on how to most effectively use your web site and direct marketing to generate high quality targeted leads. We thought it would be important to share what you should expect from your web site. Our author Bob Regnerus is an expert on generating and converting website traffic into new clients.

Finally, A Guide To Internet Marketing For Real Business Owners!

I teach real world business owners how to strategically use the Internet in their business.

Online people, the media, and others like to label you “brick and mortar” businesses, as is you were some kind of dinosaur or immovable object or something. I like to think of you as real world business owners, and are operating real businesses, with real customers you face every day, with real business problems, and real objectives to make a profit every year!

I’m not knocking online businesses, because I own a few. They’re great. It’s why I know so much about the Internet. The fact is, online business owners think people running offline businesses have it easy, offline business owners think online businesses are a breeze because they can go to work in their underwear, if they want. (Hey, did you hear the joke, “what do dot com guys have in common with Victoria Secret models?”)

I’m not here to debate the issue or crack jokes, I’m here to equip you with the tools for success. See, there’s a long line of people that can teach you how to make money on the Internet. You know, make a fortune selling overstock items on EBay?

That’s great, except the people that buy this stuff are on a journey to find the golden goose – the secret to life – the way to make a lot of money in the perfect business. They are chasing a dream, or chasing their tails. It doesn’t matter because that is NOT YOU!

You already have a business. Maybe not the perfect business, but you sincerely want to grow your business, and you know the Internet is a huge way to do that. Congratulations for recognizing that your Internet presence is not an afterthought, and you need to take it serious.

Your website must be an income producing asset for your business. Period. If it ain’t putting new clients in your business, or it ain’t keeping them there, you are in trouble and need to plug the holes in the bucket.

Bottom line – Not a lot of people are teaching real world business owners how to use the Internet effectively. I will. I am going to take my years of Internet Marketing experience to the real world and hand you the keys to make it work for you.

But first, a little math.

T + C = $

Why is this simple formula important to the success of your business on the Internet?

As you can correctly guess, the answer to this formula is dollars, and the two variables on the left the equation DIRECTLY affect how much money you are making in your business using your website.

So let’s end the suspense and get to the point. What two things affect how much money your web site produces for your business?

Let me help by writing out the equation for you:

Traffic + Conversion = $Money$

You make most of the money in your business “offline”, but your web site is the medium that gets them on the phone or in the door.

Traffic = People
Conversion = Action

This makes a lot of sense to you, right? I mean no one has to be an Internet Marketing superstar to understand that if I can get more people to my web site, I’m going to make more money. Conversely, if I can convince more of those visitors to do business with me, I’ve increased my conversion and I make more money.

Therein lies the problem – it’s too simple, too sensible. “Of course I need more traffic, heck – every retailer in America knows that sales increase when foot traffic or eye traffic increases in front of my establishment.” So if that’s the truth, I don’t have to prove it to you. You accept this as fact. More traffic equals more dollars, right?

Wrong! You need to pay closer attention….

I showed you the formula : Traffic + Conversion = $Money$

You can’t ignore conversion. That’s when you get that signed contract, handshake, or ring the cash register. Conversions usually means sales; however, in the context of the internet, conversion means much more. Conversion is simply a visitor taking an action on your web site that you intended them to take.

So conversion can mean sales on your website, but it more likely means you get them to sign up for information, register for an event, click to a special page, call a phone number, downloaded a demo, view a video, listen to a presentation, and the list goes on.

The big formula for Internet success is simple: get more people to your website, and get more of them to take the action you want.

Now, take a look at your website. Do you honestly believe that you are getting the most traffic you can get? Do you think you are doing the BEST job at converting those visitors?

The answer, across the board is most definitely, no!

As I said, very few people are teaching business owners, like yourself, just how to use the Internet to increase your profits. I look forward to equipping you to finally take charge of your website and create an income producing asset in your business!

Here’s to more profits from your site this year!

Bob Regnerus is an expert in generating and converting website visitors into new business. Bob has a solution just for Businesses who want more new clients! Find out more at or contact Bob at 1-877-349-2615

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