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To Thine Own Self Be True

Perhaps there is no more fundamental ethical value pertinent to trustworthiness than honesty.

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How Much is Good Customer Service Worth to Your Business?

How much money do you invest to get a new customer?  Like many business owners, you make a significant investment in bringing in new customers. If you read  business magazines you are always seeing articles about  marketing, target marketing, and lead generation.  These topics are getting a lot of press…

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7 Deadly Sins of Sales Professionals

Before I begin with this weeks blog I want to share with you a concept that I remind all of my clients and newsletter members of every single month, The Art of Translation. As readers and serious students of sales, deal flow, business and the sales presentation, your focus while…

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The Conclusion of The Huge Mistake

How many “Ideas That Don’t Fit” have you discarded in the last month, six months, year? By slavishly following the others in your industry, you may be holding yourself back. Read on to learn more. Here is part 2. The Huge Mistake, Part 2 by Dan Kennedy Based on a…

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Is Financial Reform Part of An Innovative Society?

Earlier this week President Obama spoke about how we need to become a more innovative society if we hope to compete globally. He believes that our country’s future is tied to our ability to get both corporate and government organizations to work together. He feels strongly that government has a…

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The Ball is Forever in Your Court. Don’t Drop it.

Author Keith F. Luscher I don’t know if I have been writing a bit too much lately on the subject of making calls, but when it comes to our own challenges in overcoming CALL RELUCTANCE, part of me feels like it just cannot get too much attention. There is a…

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The Power of Questions

What are you doing right now? Are you happy doing it? Is this what you wanted to do today? Had you thought about what you wanted to accomplish today? Are these questions you’ve asked yourself? Are you aware of the questions you ask yourself through the course of the day,…

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The Time to Plan Your Future is Now

As the year winds to a close, I suppose it’s natural to look back on the previous months and ask yourself if you accomplished all that you wanted to. Are you happy with the way things have turned out? Did you accomplish your goals in your career and home life?…

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Man Gives Right Arm to Meet with Prospect

Author Keith F. Luscher Phil Reese, vice president of Small Business Payroll Services, LLC in Columbus, Ohio had a problem not unlike what many of you may be facing. “For a number of years,” Phil says, “we did very well driving new business purely on referrals. But as the economy…

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Your 5-Step Cycle for Endless Internet Sales! Part 1

This week I’m attending the Glazer-Kennedy Information Marketing Summit in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland. While I’ll be in sessions learning more about the latest in marketing, I’ll post a two-part article by Ali Brown on how to boost your sales using a standardized process. Part one covers the first two steps….