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Selling Online, Selling Offline: What’s the Difference?

Ever since I created Unlock The Game™, one of the first questions people always ask me is, “Does Unlock The Game™ apply to online selling?” I’ve been holding off on answering that question because I wanted to get enough experience under my belt with my own online business so I could…

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The Advantages of Having & Successfully Using Good Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page, also known as a landing page, is a single paged website that is designed for one reason and one reason only…and that is to get a prospect to leave their name and/or email address in exchange for something, some offer, you made them and they want. For…

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Finally, A Guide To Internet Marketing For Real Business Owners!

There’s so much noise around the Internet and social media today. The challenge for many technology businesses is what to do first and what to do to support your internet marketing efforts. This blog post starts at the beginning of your marketing efforts and focuses on how to use the…