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Can a stronger headline strategy help you stand out today?

Can a Better Headline Strategy Increase Your Impact?

Today we all compete to get our readers’ attention.  Our best readers may be exposed to over 30,000 different messages in a 24 hour period. How do you create great headlines and content that are not only seen, but acted on? How do you create a better headline strategy for…

Do your headlines hit their targets?

Can Better Headlines Help Bring You More Clients?

You invest significant time to write a great article. When you’re finished, you can’t wait to share it with the world. What if I told you if you invest as little as 20 minutes more you could increase your readership and sharing by double, triple, or 10X? What the secret…

Can a stronger message launch your business faster?

Can a Stronger Message Help Your Business Grow Faster?

How do you create a stronger message? Have you ever wondered what makes a message stand out from the crowd on the different social media platforms? If you are a celebrity or world famous entrepreneur you may not need this message. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to increase visibility…

Do you have a bold leadership brand?

Is Your Leadership Brand Bold Enough?

When I work with startup clients I always try to quickly evaluate their leadership brand. Over the years, I discovered that most successful startups have a bold leadership brand. These successful entrepreneurs are always looking to build a bolder leadership brand. But what does it take to stand out in…

How much do you know about your market?

How Much Do You Know About Your Market?

To create successful marketing messages, you must know your market. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? How well do you know your market? Most successful entrepreneurs understand their markets or they couldn’t remain in business.

How do you build a better marketing message today?

How Do You Build a Better Marketing Message?

How can you get your marketing message heard above the crowd?  Many of the people you are trying to connect with are exposed to over 30,000 messages a day. How can you connect with your best clients today?

What major sales trend should you leverage?

What Major Sales Trend Should You Leverage To Grow?

What major sales trend will entrepreneurs need to grow their business faster over the next six months? We are seeing several key trends emerging that can help you increase your sales and profits more quickly. There are many opportunities for new profitable growth if leaders choose to take advantage of these…

Does your story connect with key stakeholders?

Entrepreneurs, What’s Your Business’s Story?

For many high growth business leaders, it’s critical to tell a great story to your clients and other stakeholders.  Why is a good story so important to your long term financial success? I have found that good leaders, like good storytellers, understand how stories can help them during all phases…