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Segmenting can help you attract your best customers

How Segmenting Your Markets Can Help You Grow Faster

Today entrepreneurs have an incredible opportunity to create marketing that targets their best clients and customers. Because there is so much information available for today’s entrepreneur, it is critical that you decide who your message is for and how to reach them. Segmenting your markets can help you build a…

Why does your marketing miss the target?

Why Your Marketing Fails to Connect with Others

Over the years I have discovered there are many reasons our marketing doesn’t impact our intended receivers. High speed innovation and collaboration require a different set of marketing strategies than you may have used in the past. I thought it might be helpful to review them today and then next Thursday I give…

Can you see into the future of social media?

CEO, How Important Is Social Media to Your Growth Strategy?

How can entrepreneurs determine if they should invest their critical resources in social media? If you’re a midmarket leader you may not be using social media to grow your business today. When will you know the time is right to jump in? This is a question many of my clients…

Buying Signals: The Crossover Between Sales and Dating

As I was giving one of my friends (call her Brenda) a lift to pick up her car from the garage, her ex messaged her on her phone and proceeded to respond. Just then it dawned on me what was happening here: she was sending him buying signals.

Mergers require CEOs to balance many stakeholders' needs.

How the Best CEOs Help Ensure a Successful Merger

In the first post of this two part series I wrote about: the current and ongoing high numbers and value of mergers and acquisitions worldwide the well-established pattern of a high level – at least 50% – of risk of failure reasons for mergers the need for adaptive leadership In…

What leadership skills are needed for merger boom time?

What Leadership Skills are Needed for Merger Boom Time?

These are high times for mergers and acquisitions.  In 2014, corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) worldwide reached a seven year high of around $4 trillion. KPMG’s 2015 M&A Outlook Survey Report was headed “The Boom is Back: M&A Reemerges as Leading Growth Strategy”. “Boom”? Does that sound like a good time…

What Can Leaders Learn from Dave Isay of StoryCorps?

What Can Leaders Learn from Dave Isay of StoryCorps?

What’s the best way to connect with your family, friends, clients and community? In the age of social business and technology disruption, what tools do you need to stand out from the crowd? What if I told you the most powerful way to connect with others is through stories, not…

To Thine Own Self Be True

Perhaps there is no more fundamental ethical value pertinent to trustworthiness than honesty.