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Can your value proposition target your client’s future opportunities?

How Do You Create a Breakthrough Value Proposition?

How do you create extraordinary value for your clients? How much do you know about what your clients and partners value from your work with them? What is your value proposition? Does this value proposition align with their future goals and direction? I believe that the future belongs to organizations…

Can agile help you hit your growth targets?

Can Entrepreneurs Thrive in an Agile Age?

How can entrepreneurs take advantage of constant change? What do you need to do to create breakthrough products and services today? How can smaller organizations outmaneuver their larger competitors? These are three of the questions entrepreneurs want to know when building their successful business. I have good news for you. …

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Why Are Businesses Delusional & Blind to Customers Needs?

Business owners are delusional about how well they are doing in delivering exceptional experiences to their customers. They create systems and processes from their experience of what makes sense to them and not from the perspective of their customers. Entrepreneurs know what products or services they are offering but are…

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Introducing Janice B. Gordon

If you’re an entrepreneur and have a successfully growing business, where do you turn for advice? If you’ve built a successful business, but want to take it to the next level, how do you find a partner who has been successful helping mid-market organizations thrive and grow in our changing…

Can a single book become a game-changer to expand your possibilities?

What’s the Next Game-Changer for Your Business?

I’m reading an interesting book called The E Leader, Reinventing Leadership in a Connected Economy by Robert Hargrove. The book is almost 12 years old, but many of the ideas Robert shared in the book are still important today.  If we are going through such rapid change, why is this…

Are you building stronger relationships with your key stakeholders?

Are Your Key Relationships Providing You an Edge?

How does a high growth business leader differ from their peers? We talked about one of the key distinctions between high growth INC 500 CEOs and their peers. It’s their ability to build deeper relationship with the right people at the right time. It’s not unusual for them to have…

What are the building blocks of growth for INC 500 leaders?

Can INC 500 Leaders Help You Grow to the Next Level?

For many of you reading this blog, congrats on being named to the INC 500. You’re one of the top 500 high growth privately held businesses in America this year. Congrats to you and your team. For entrepreneurs who are looking for mid-week motivation, grab a copy of September’s INC…

How can leaders develop and inspire others on their teams?

Are You a Leader Who Inspires Loyalty?

Whether it’s downsizing, reorganization, or employees choosing to leave, companies continue to get leaner and leaner. The workforce that remains faces an increased workload and fewer resources to work with. If not addressed appropriately, this could lead to higher turnover. What can a leader do to develop and inspire loyalty?

What new tools do you need in your leadership toolkit?

What Tools Do You Need in Your Leadership Playbook?

We are beginning to see turnover at the top of many family and privately held businesses. Estimates are as high as 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day. How many of them are your critical team members? Have you created a business that extends beyond this generation of leadership?  Judging by…