What Tools Do You Need in Your Leadership Playbook?

What new tools do you need in your leadership toolkit?What new tools do you need in your leadership toolkit?

We are beginning to see turnover at the top of many family and privately held businesses. Estimates are as high as 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day. How many of them are your critical team members? Have you created a business that extends beyond this generation of leadership?  Judging by the increasing calls to my business and that of my business partners, I believe we are seeing a major shift starting to occur.

I thought it might be interesting to add several new pages to your leadership playbook over the next several months. It is critical for today’s leader to accelerate the development of the next generation of leadership in their organizations.

You may have noticed that the direction of our online journal has shifted over the past several months. This is because our clients have shifted their focus to areas like change management, leadership development, operational challenges, and building a stronger financial system within their organizations. We also have seen an increased push into new market development strategies for many of our clients.  We are just beginning to see the convergence of many of business disciplines. It is not enough to have a strong marketing strategy; it must be supported by great sales and marketing operations if it hopes to provide our clients and customers with breakthrough experiences.

Our experts see new ideas coming to your market from many directions. We think it’s critical to provide you with actionable ideas on how connect and engage with your many different stakeholders in new ways.  This doesn’t mean we won’t continue sharing proven ideas, it just means we will also go further out on the limb to share breakthrough ideas with our readers.

Our new clients and readers represent organizations that include medical robotics, healthcare informatics, and large growing healthcare organizations.  I am returning to health care technologies because I see it as an opportunity to impact the world in many important ways.  I know that many of these high growth smaller organizations will be going through the growing pains many of us have experienced working in software and emerging technology businesses in the past.

I believe these new industries provide many of our readers with new career options that we didn’t even think of less than five years ago.  Several new products that Apple will be rolling out over the next several months are just the beginning of how we take care of ourselves. I plan to add several guest writers who will share with you some of the many of the medical advances we’ll be seeing over the next several years.

One of our goals is to provide you with a practical way of dealing with change in your home and in your business. To help you build your learning capability, we will be providing you with new ideas on how to train and develop yourself and your team.  I’ve been working hard to get the best people in leadership development and organizational effectiveness to begin providing you many ways of developing your team.

Finally the biggest challenge we face is how can we empower and engage our workforce during times of rapid change. I’ve just started to engage my network to help better understand what’s working and what’s not. This Thursday I will be attending a The Trust Conference in London. I think as the world continues to shrink, it’s critical for us to learn to collaborate on a global level. After speaking at a conference with Stephen MR. Covey earlier this year, I’m even more certain that creating trust will become a global currency for anyone who hopes to build a great, sustainable organization.

Tomorrow Kaylene Mathews will get you thinking about how you lead with her article called Are You a Leader Who Inspires Loyalty? See you here.

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