Do you have a bold leadership brand?

Is Your Leadership Brand Bold Enough?

When I work with startup clients I always try to quickly evaluate their leadership brand. Over the years, I discovered that most successful startups have a bold leadership brand. These successful entrepreneurs are always looking to build a bolder leadership brand. But what does it take to stand out in…

Can you see into the future of social media?

CEO, How Important Is Social Media to Your Growth Strategy?

How can entrepreneurs determine if they should invest their critical resources in social media? If you’re a midmarket leader you may not be using social media to grow your business today. When will you know the time is right to jump in? This is a question many of my clients…

Mergers require CEOs to balance many stakeholders' needs.

How the Best CEOs Help Ensure a Successful Merger

In the first post of this two part series I wrote about: the current and ongoing high numbers and value of mergers and acquisitions worldwide the well-established pattern of a high level – at least 50% – of risk of failure reasons for mergers the need for adaptive leadership In…