How Do You Create a Breakthrough Value Proposition?

Can your value proposition target your client’s future opportunities?Can your value proposition target your client’s future opportunities?

How do you create extraordinary value for your clients? How much do you know about what your clients and partners value from your work with them? What is your value proposition? Does this value proposition align with their future goals and direction? I believe that the future belongs to organizations that can create extraordinary results for their clients and customers.

So how does a leader create lasting, healthy prosperous relationships moving forward? There are three key aspects to a breakthrough value proposition.

The first element of breakthrough value proposition is that it is customer or client driven. That sounds simple, but many organizations today say they are customer driven and most of time they know little about what customers value from them. Your value proposition must incorporate what the client values from you and how it might be different from your competitors. From this point forward, I use client instead of customer, because in most business situations, a client refers a higher level relationship based on trust and professionalism than thinking of people as customers and vendors.

The second element of breakthrough value proposition is that must align with the client’s values and growth. We are entering a time where successful collaboration is critical to help clients expand their business in profitable ways. Increasing complexity and global competition has made it more critical for organizations to leverage all their partners’ knowhow to help them to continue serving their clients profitably. I believe these collaborative partnerships require different skills from leaders than in the past. Smaller organizations need to find the best partners and resources to help create significant value through their strategic alliances and joint venture partnerships.

The third element of a breakthrough value proposition needs to evolve as business continues to change. In the past, value propositions were heavily focused on the short term results a buyer received from choosing a provider or vendor. Working in a global economy requires a different set of rules and strategies if an organization hopes to grow and expand beyond its current markets and opportunities.

These three elements of a breakthrough value proposition require collaboration across many organizations and markets. Successful entrepreneurs need to consider how they create value for their clients based on developing new opportunities and addressing changes in their markets. This proactive approach to business development challenges many older ways of doing business. If done correctly, it provides organizations with an opportunity to succeed faster and more easily in the past.

Finally, a breakthrough value proposition requires a different work force than in the past. We will take on all of these issues after Thanksgiving week. See you here next week, when we share several ideas on how to get more out of your holiday season this year. See you next Monday.

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