Serious Warning for Entrepreneurs

WARNING! You are losing money every day!

That’s a disconcerting allegation, isn’t it? It’s true, though. Why are we in business? To sell our products and services? NO. We’re in business to make the maximum after tax profit. Is it important to focus on profit margin, volume and leverage? Of course it is. And that’s why at least 20% of the revenues of the large, Fortune 500 companies, come from Joint Ventures. Yet less than 1% of small and medium sized businesses understands and uses Joint Ventures. Joint Ventures allow us to focus on the bottom line instead of our products and services. 

You can radically increase your profits, with no cost or risk, and very little additional time, by using JV’s. JV’s allow us to leverage existing resources and piggyback on other peoples’ distribution, advertising, underutilized assets, reputation, credit, access, products and services. All at no risk or cost. And the income from JV’s goes straight to your bottom line. We’ve all heard of Other Peoples’ Money. Now it’s time to use Other Peoples’ Resources. In fact, you don’t even need a business to do effective JV’s and create multiple streams of passive income. Spread your income (and therefore your risk) across multiple industries and geographic areas. All it takes is a mind shift from “I want” to “What do you need?” 

Imagine a doctor who calls his patients and spams them with e-mail, offering a special deal on Hip Replacements, “This week only”. And when you get to his consulting room he takes your time telling you how smart he is. We laugh at that, because it’s ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as when we waddle into a “Business Networking Meeting” thrusting our business card at people and broadcasting our “Elevator Speech”, trying to sell people our products and services. A small percentage might actually end up buying from you, but wouldn’t it be better if you could do business with everyone in the room, without selling anything? That’s exactly what a Joint Venture Broker does. And it works! 

Your doctor doesn’t regale you with stories about all his successes and his qualifications. He examines you, asks you many questions, and points you in the direction of a solution, whether it is surgery, drugs, or orthotics for your shoes. And you gratefully scamper off to solve your problem. He doesn’t have to sell or persuade you. And he makes money. That’s what a JV Broker does. Bill has a problem, so the Broker links Bill up with Jim, who has the solution, and Jim pays the Broker a substantial commission for the business. The Broker solves problems, links people up, and creates those streams of regular income. It takes very little time and effort and one can remove the risk and cost. It can be as involved and diverse or as simple as you like. 

How much business have you referred in the past, without being paid for it? This goes beyond knowing ABOUT JV’s – it’s about actually using ironclad, proven systems and JV technology to create a very attractive financial situation. And of course, your own business sales can grow exponentially, overnight, when you adopt this powerful and liberating mindset. Direct business to others and take a percentage at 100% margin to you. Link supply and demand. Become a kind of “Toll gate” on the money highway. Put the deal in play and get paid every time a transaction takes place. Set up money machine systems internationally and benefit from every new fad and trend without any investment or overhead. Get involved with multiple products and services at the same time. Cross sell, cross promote and leverage everything: That is the power of Joint Ventures. Real money, real world, real fast. Every resource you need is already available to you! 

About the author:

Danilo Merizalde is a Join Venture Broker, with a mission to share the magic and power of Joint Ventures with entrepreneurs and to connect like-minded business people through a forum dedicated for JV. Danilo can be reached by email at   

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