Sales Strategies

What makes a high performing team sales culture?

Can You Use a High Performing Team to Win More Sales?

So what makes a high performing team sales culture? Is it critical that you get your sales and profits through a team based approach to sales and marketing? Is a high performing team the best way to grow your business revenue?

Do you know your clients’ trigger events?

Can Knowing Trigger Events Improve Your Sales Results?

Companies spend millions of dollars marketing and advertising, hoping they capture their clients’ hearts and minds early in the sales cycle. So many of your best clients are too busy to respond to a call or respond to an email. How can you use trigger events to help you become…

Buying Signals: The Crossover Between Sales and Dating

As I was giving one of my friends (call her Brenda) a lift to pick up her car from the garage, her ex messaged her on her phone and proceeded to respond. Just then it dawned on me what was happening here: she was sending him buying signals.

Do you help your clients see the big picture?

How Can Serving Entrepreneurs Find Their Best Clients?

How do you increase the average sales transaction for your growing business?  It’s funny, we coach clients on the different ways we can grow a client’s business, but fail to apply the same thinking to our own businesses. Before I get any more notes from people saying, “My clients would…

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How Can You Reconnect and Engage with Your Best Clients?

In the last several blogs, I’ve written about how so many people in organizations feel disengaged. We talked about how this is impacting our current client relationships and also how it could be hurting your organization’s and team’s growth. I thought I’d share a framework that I use to help…

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How Disengaged Are Your Sales Team Members?

I’m working on several projects where clients have asked me to determine if their sales team is fully engaged. There have been several recent national studies stating between 60-70 % of employees working today are not engaged in their jobs. Over 15% of these employees are no longer engaged, but…

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What Sales Trends are Impacting Your Business’s Sales?

Today, we do our first executive briefing on using The Wedge.We’ve chosen to do this initial briefing because many of our readers have shared that something has changed in the last year about how they sell and market their products and service. They shared several sales trends that are impacting…