Why Women Must Lead in Challenging Times

I’ve recently read an article about aging women on the Huffington Post. You can find it at http://huff.to/eu2Cvc
The article talks about how many in our society do not respect or honor aging women. I have been blessed to work with some of the world best leaders and many of them are women. They come in every age, lifestyle, and nationality. I have an unusual feeling that we are in for another revolution when it comes to women and their impact on our global community. Men have not done a very good job at leading our world into the next era of humanity.

I believe we have reached at tipping point as our female baby boomers come of age. Beware of the wise woman who tells the truth, she may rock your world. She has held her tongue as long as she could and she knows it’s time to begin cleaning up the messes we’ve created.

With this post, I’m pleased to announce that my wife has become one of these women. We have worked together for just over two years in my business and she has caught the entrepreneur’s bug. She has come up with an idea for a business that she thinks its time has come. She wants to explore the possibilities of being a seven figure partner. She is tired of doing what I want and wants to enjoy the freedom of being in charge of her own destiny. Who am I to challenge this? Many of my close friends and family members have always believed she would be great at running her own business. I’m planning to support her in her dream. God knows that she has supported all of mine.

One of my longest held beliefs is that woman choose to give away their power by allowing others to define success, by others’ terms that are not their own. My wife is strong enough to define her own path to success. Only time will tell if it’s the right choice, but I can tell you one thing, she is certainly doing all the things that she needs to do to get her new business off the ground. I can’t be any prouder of her. She’s hired a marketing expert and a designer to bring her dream to life.

Look at any major woman’s magazine and it doesn’t take long to uncover why women are challenged by societies beliefs on aging, leadership, beauty, and sexuality. The perfect woman doesn’t exist but we’ve created them in our advertising. I think I’ve found one in my wife.

Women, don’t be manipulated into believing you are not enough, because you are. Don’t let the fears of others take away what you can do.

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