Five Ways to Add Value for Your Clients in Times of Uncertainty

How do you create value for your clients during times of uncertainty?How do you create value for your clients during times of uncertainty?

While a pandemic rages across our country and the world, forcing people into their homes, we are in unprecedented times. Each day when we awake, the future appears increasingly uncertain. It’s a challenge to maintain focus and not get caught up in a frenzy. How do you add value to your client’s world today?
Businesses have a unique opportunity during this time to solidify their value in the minds of their clients. Now is the time to shine for your clients and show them that you are there for them in good times and in bad.

1. Contact every client and let them know you are available and ready to help

Especially as everyone is consumed with their own worries, reach out to your clients and let them know you are thinking of them and available to help. With in-person meetings forbidden, people can start to feel isolated. Now is the time for a personal touch to let your clients know that they are not alone. Use technology to provide a face with your offer of help. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and FaceTime are a few options you can use to connect during this time of social distancing.

2. Provide new service perks at no additional cost

Is there a new product or service you have been working on? Consider offering it as a trial to your clients now. Or perhaps you already have a premium product or academy resource in place. Consider offering it to your clients for free for an extended time.

In the SEO world, Moz is doing this very thing. They are offering their academy courses for free through May as a show of support to their existing and potential clients.

3. Promote your client in unusual ways

Are there ways you can promote your client so they get additional business? A social media shout out is always appreciated. Word of mouth referrals or providing a testimonial are good ways to show support as well. If you’re at a loss for ideas, ask your client how you can help to promote them in a way that would be helpful for increased exposure in front of the right audience.

4. Go above and beyond

Whatever your standard service is, do more. Provide additional education, provide a list of resources that might be helpful, give some extra care. If possible, offer a brief discount as a thank you for staying with you during challenging times. Think of creative ways to add value in a meaningful way.

I have two clients that are doing this now with their customers. One, a local magazine, is offering additional premium online advertising to their current advertisers at no extra cost.

Another client of mine, a premium gym, is offering online work-outs to their members so they can stay fit at home until the gym reopens.

Consider creative ways your business can add value during these unusual times.

5. Keep in regular contact with clients

Above all, stay in regular touch with your clients. Each week, if appropriate, let them know you haven’t forgotten them. Continue to remind them of the value you’re providing and ask what new things you can do to help. And then be ready to support them.


There is always opportunity in every challenge. Seize this time of uncertainty to let your clients know you haven’t forgotten them. Think of creative ways to add value to them by providing new service perks where appropriate, promoting them, going above and beyond, and staying in regular contact with them.

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