Articles by Kaylene Mathews

How do you create value for your clients during times of uncertainty?

Five Ways to Add Value for Your Clients in Times of Uncertainty

While a pandemic rages across our country and the world, forcing people into their homes, we are in unprecedented times. Each day when we awake, the future appears increasingly uncertain. It’s a challenge to maintain focus and not get caught up in a frenzy. How do you add value to…

How do you remind clients of the quality of your work?

4 Ways to Make Your Clients Fall in Love With Your Work

To ensure repeat business, or secure a long-term client relationship, you must make them fall in love with your work. Give your clients the sense that they wouldn’t be able to function well without you. Why it’s important Especially for the freelance business owner, steady, consistent work is critical to…

How can you make job hunting your next great adventure?

Job Hunting after 50: 5 Tips to Be Successful in Your Job Search.

Job Hunting after 50 is like starting all over again except that now you might have too much experience. And you may be working for someone the age of your children. Why would someone do this? Often it’s not a personal choice. Its chosen for us. “I was forced to…

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Why Hiring a Freelance Writer Might Be the Smartest Business Move You’ll Make

There has been much buzz about hiring out freelance work in the past few years. Specifically, hiring a freelance writer has been a trend for businesses large and small alike. According to a 2018 study in Forbes: 57% of businesses are saving costs by using free-agent talent.43% of companies using gig…

How do strong personal leaders handle feedback?

Six Ways Strong Personal Leaders Handle Feedback

I’ve worked with numerous leaders over the years and one area that is consistently a challenge for most is that of receiving feedback. Have you had this challenge personally? Have you ever asked for feedback while already having in mind what the right answer should be? And then when you…

What are the behaviors of strong personal leaders?

Five Behaviors of Strong Personal Leaders

Strong personal leadership is necessary for strong professional leadership. Personal leadership is who you are in your most authentic form. It’s the person who looks back at you from the mirror. I’ve worked with numerous leaders over the years and I found these five personal leadership behaviors to be consistent among…

What are 7 successful ways to work with complainers?

7 Successful Ways to Work With Complainers

I was talking with someone recently who was asking the best way to handle a complainer. We’ve all worked or lived with them. As strong personal leaders, we know that complaining is pointless, irritating and toxic. Not everyone has gotten that message though and they seem bent on taking the…

Have you developed your personal leadership capabilities?

Why Strong Professional Leaders are Strong Personal Leaders First

“A man without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself . . . . He belongs to whatever can make captive of him.” ~ John Foster What is personal leadership? Simply put, it’s you being a strong leader of yourself. It’s you being in control of…

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Does Your Leadership Communicate an Attitude of Thankfulness?

As leaders it’s important that we communicate an attitude of thankfulness through our leadership. The attitude of the leader permeates the entire organization. As we are grateful, appreciative and thankful, so will our people be as they watch our example. How do you share an attitude of Thanksgiving?