5 Ways Strong Personal Leaders Make Others Feel Important

How do you make others feel important?How do you make others feel important?
How do you make others feel important?

How do you make others feel important?

Strong personal leaders are comfortable enough in their own skin to take the focus off themselves and shine the spotlight on others.  They know that making people feel important is especially critical to effective leadership. People will walk through fire for the strong, competent leader that makes them feel important.

5 easy ways to make people feel important:

  1. Be truly interested in others. 
  • FirstBe all there. When you’re with others, make them feel like they’re the only person alive at that moment. Be fully present and engaged in what they’re saying. Give full eye contract. Interact with what they’re saying by summarizing what you’ve heard. Ask questions for greater clarity. Be completely focused on the person you’re with at the moment.


  • Second – Ask about what’s important to them. If they’ve told you about something, remember it and ask about it the next time you see them. If this doesn’t come natural to you then write yourself a note to refer to in the future. It shows you’re interested in them beyond just the here and now and what they can do for you.
  1. Promote Others – Find something good to say about them and then tell everyone you know. The official term these days is “Shout Out.” Brag on others. While some may not appear to like it very much, they can’t help but feel good about it. Especially do this for those people you’re closest to. Pour good words into their lives and watch them stand a little taller, smile a little bigger and do even better. Positive words are empowering.
  2. Be relevant. If you read or hear something that would be of interest, remember to share it next time you see that person. They will know you’re thinking about them even when they’re not around. And when you do this, make sure your motives are pure. Don’t do it so they will do something for you in return. Insincerity breeds contempt and distrust.
  3. Be a regular. People remember you when they interact with you on a regular basis. You learn more about them. They learn more about you. A relationship is built. This is true of all relationships, whether personal or professional. Life is fast and full with many people moving in and out of our time sphere. Be memorable. Be a regular.
  4. Just be nice. Some good advice from mom – just be nice. When you’re nice, people feel liked which also makes them feel important. It really shouldn’t take that much effort and it goes a long way.

Demonstrate the strength of your personal leadership by focusing on others, rather than yourself. Set a personal goal to make others feel important if for no other reason than, it’s just the right thing to do.

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