4 Ways to Make Your Clients Fall in Love With Your Work

How do you remind clients of the quality of your work?How do you remind clients of the quality of your work?

To ensure repeat business, or secure a long-term client relationship, you must make them fall in love with your work. Give your clients the sense that they wouldn’t be able to function well without you.

Why it’s important

Especially for the freelance business owner, steady, consistent work is critical to your success. Every single day there are people out there who are vying for your client’s business. It’s easier to keep a client than find new ones.

Fantastic work, which yields credible results for your clients, leads to more business from them and a glowing recommendation to other business owners. 

  • 88% of consumers placed the highest level of trust in word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know.
  • People are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend.
  • 64% of marketing executives indicated that they believe word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing.

You might find the info graphic linked below a great tool for your next discussion on the importance word of mouth marketing to your business.

Source: The Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing – Statistics and Trends

1. Over-deliver

Whatever your client asks for, give them more. Do better than the minimum they have requested. Even doing something small can carry big dividends.

I recently dined at a restaurant where they gave us a small dessert on the house just for coming in. This additional service works in the restaurant’s favor for two reasons.

  • First, we left the restaurant with positive feelings vowing to tell our friends and return in the future.
  • Second, I don’t normally order dessert because I’m usually disappointed and then hate myself for wasting calories on a bad dessert. But now I know that this restaurant’s desserts are worth every calorie in them and will order one in the future.

Do the same for your clients. Give them more than they expect. Delight them with a 7-star service every time.

2. Beat Deadlines

When possible, always deliver before the deadline. Beating deadlines helps you and your client to stay ahead of your respective work loads.

I have a current client who has doubled my workload because I always deliver my work earlier than the deadline. Early delivery has meant so much to her that she’s paying me in advance for my work. She’s able to get ahead on her work because I beat my deadlines.

You’re able to stay ahead of the game and can take on more clients when you work ahead.

3. Stay Current and Relevant

If you don’t keep current on industry trends that are important to your client, you soon become irrelevant and replaceable.

Make sure you continue your education in a variety of ways. Read industry publications, subscribe to newletters, and listen to podcasts. 

Communicate with your client about what you’re learning and how it applies to their business. Add new insights into your service offering that will give your clients a competitive advantage or increase their knowledge base.

This extra level of professionalism will set you apart from your competition. You become invaluable because you’re seen as a contributor and problem solver for your client.

4. Double-check your work and then check again

Make sure all of your work is professionally done. Always double-check, and then check again to ensure that your deliverable is without mistakes. Nothing turns a client off more than sloppy work. Poor quality communicates that you don’t think enough of your client to give your very best for them every single time.


Never take your clients for granted. Never assume that once a client always a client. Like shifting sands, income can dry up instantly if you don’t keep your clients happy. Make your clients fall in love with you and your work by over-delivering on your promises, beating your deadlines, staying current and relevant, and always delivering professionally done work.

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