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How do you create value for your clients during times of uncertainty?

Five Ways to Add Value for Your Clients in Times of Uncertainty

While a pandemic rages across our country and the world, forcing people into their homes, we are in unprecedented times. Each day when we awake, the future appears increasingly uncertain. It’s a challenge to maintain focus and not get caught up in a frenzy. How do you add value to…

Who decides your value?

Who Decides Your Value?

One point which I don’t think I have made often enough here is the actual definition of “prospecting.” Prospecting is the continuous activity of exploring for and qualifying new people to meet and talk with concerning your business. This definition applies whether you are seeking new customers or a new employer. Everybody prospects.

“Tell Me a Story…”

People love stories because they can relate to them. A concise, results-focused story will enable you to emotionally connect with your prospect, and define your value proposition at the same time.

No Picture

To Get Your Foot in the Door, Use a Wedge.

In B2B selling, what do you do when you want to pitch to a company, but you don’t have that connection? We say: To get your foot in the door, use a Wedge. Here are the eight steps in how to do it.