Can a Stronger Message Help Your Business Grow Faster?

Can a stronger message launch your business faster?Can a stronger message launch your business faster?

How do you create a stronger message? Have you ever wondered what makes a message stand out from the crowd on the different social media platforms?

If you are a celebrity or world famous entrepreneur you may not need this message. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to increase visibility and leadership in your target market, you came to the right place.

My clients and partners have spent a lot of time and money mastering social media, perfecting the messages they create and share with their markets. They are very good at building stronger messages. What can we learn from the stronger messages they create?

Today, let’s look at four keys that can help you increase engagement and sharing of material you create.  Our goal today and over the next week is to help you begin creating a more engaged and sharing community. I believe your success hinges on developing a stronger message. This blog can help you better understand how to create stronger messages. These messages connect you with key customers and your strategic markets.

The first key of a stronger message is understanding what works in the market today. Take time every day to study what messages attract you and your best clients.  What makes your message earn engagement? By appreciating what’s working, you are better prepared to create a bolder message that resonates with your readers.

Can you imagine what information you know that positively impacts how they see things in your market? This is why survey results, content on current trends, and self-assessments do so well in the virtual world.  With today’s social engagement tools you can find out almost anything you want to know from your customers by helping them better understand their current business or personal situation.

The second key of a stronger message is your material should help them imagine what might be. So much practical information out there for people to read. Why then do messages that make you imagine the possibilities do so well?  Albert Einstein believed creativity was the most important quality for a person to have in their lives.

When you ask people to imagine a brighter future they may surprise you with what they come up with. You should consider creating content that helps people see their brighter future. Inspirational marketing allows you to help your best customers see into the future. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a better future?

The third key of a stronger message is helping readers understand what they need to know to apply new ideas to their business or markets. Things are changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Help others see ways to achieve their future and people share it with others. Innovation is a buzzword, application is the secret to achieve breakthrough results. Write about how innovation is being done in your company or market and it will it bounce around into the future.

Being seen as innovative provides you with a great topic to share when trying to attract the best talent to your organization. It also allows you to highlight your strengths in a growing marketplace.

The final key of a stronger message is focusing your message on implementing the great ideas you share from the other three categories. A stronger message that shares an implementation process consistently get exposure and engagement on social media. Step by step procedures and how to content also do well online. If consider how you might repurpose your content you use them to create material. This includes whitepapers, executive briefs and resources you can share with published media.

I have a client who uses this type of article in their direct marketing campaigns and found they are great for demand generation activities. When I do this kind of writing with my executive clients I have to get out my red pencil to make sure there isn’t too much jargon in what they share. Consider using humor or stories to make serious points and this type of material can hang around with clients almost forever.

Finally, any one of these keys could be several blogs to teach how to create stronger content.  Over the last quarter of the year, we will continue to revisit these topics in greater detail. Can this help you get more engagement on social media and your marketing efforts? I’ve seen my social sharing and engagement increase almost 35% by focusing on these types of stronger marketing messages.

If I could only give you one additional tool that could increase the value of everything you’ve already done and plan to do, I would put my clients’ money on investing time in developing stronger, bolder headlines! Next week, I share ideas on how to become a better headline writer.  I’ve seen great headlines and their social media equivalents pull 10, 20, even 100 times better results than the headlines we might develop before writing our material. See you next week.

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