On by Just One Degree

We are occasionally reminded in one way or another by how much impact “just one degree of difference” makes. When a space probe uses a planet’s gravitational pull to slingshots itself into a new trajectory, its timing for firing its engines must be exact. If that timing is off by even the tiniest fraction of a second, it will be off course by millions of miles. Any sharpshooter will testify to this effect. The farther the distance his target, the more precise the aim must be…and indeed the more accurate the calibration must be on the gun’s site.

When I began teaching my prospecting “boot camps,” both in person and online, I emphasized that we should not become overwhelmed with all there is to do…for just two or three “nuggets”—simple new habits to adopt—are all you need to see greater success in prospecting for new business or a new job.

This isn’t about being off by one degree—but on by one degree. How much difference can one degree make?

I have been listening to an audio book a dear friend gave to me at Christmas time—Inspiration by Dr. Wayne Dyer. In it, Dr. Dyer speaks of simplicity. How often do we make things more complex than they need to be? I know that this is one of my worst habits—I take a project that should be a few tasks and make it into a hundred.

Yes, there are countless ways to prospect—that’s good news. It means that all you need to do—today—is pick out just ONE small habit or activity you would like to develop. Choose something easy. Perhaps one of the following:
• Returning your important phone calls or messages more promptly—or scheduling a daily appointment with yourself just to do so.
• Get to bed thirty minutes earlier in the evening (and if you have kids—make it their habit too).
• Follow up meetings with people with note cards—how many people still do that these days? Keep a supply on hand so it is simple to do—or go to SendOutCards.com and sign up for an account.

Whatever it is, keep it simple, and enjoy it. Need more ideas? There are more than 70 articles in the archive—and soon they will be even easier to navigate and search through as I migrate Prospecting Weekly to the WordPress platform. Those of you who are owners of Prospect & Flourish have a whole wealth of ideas right at your fingertips. There is even an index that you can search through.
Make one little change this week. Just one degree of difference will have a big impact. Just do it.

Keith F. Luscher, (Google Search) is a business development director for The Money Foundation, an independent investment professional’s think tank and production group operating within a broker-dealer. Prior to this he served professionals in the insurance and financial services industries as a management consultant. In that role, he advised producers on issues related to marketing and prospecting, and developed groundbreaking educational curriculum. In addition, Luscher is also a nationally known author, speaker, and expert in media, interpersonal communication and marketing.

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