How to Build Breakthrough Customer Relationships through Mobile

Can You Build Breakthrough Customer Relationships through Mobile?

Can You Build Breakthrough Customer Relationships through Mobile?

How can mobile technology combine with great people to create breakthrough customer relationships and experiences? How do you create better customer engagement and loyalty using your people? I was recently in a Target store shopping for a Christmas tree and had an unusual experience when dealing with one of their associates, Jim.  He not only talked with me about the pros and cons of the various trees, but also told me about a great program that Target is rolling out for its customers this holiday season.  I thought I’d share it with you in hopes of divulging the awesome leverage mobile technology is creating for Target and it customers. I am not nor have I ever been a consultant for Target, but I wish I could claim credit for this incredible mobile business strategy.

Jim told me about Target’s “Get Appy” program. This program allows me and my mobile phone to get better discounts on many of the things I buy at Target.  The “Get Appy” program is designed to spur larger purchases and provide customers value in their everyday shopping experience. Target does this through several apps.  One is called Cartwheel that allows me to get special deals on many different items across the store, also spurring additional purchases. How many times do you go shopping for one thing and end up buying several others. In our case, my wife and I came in to get a tree but walked out with several additional products that we got by applying the Cartwheel app to our buying process. When you go through the app, you can mark the different products you want that have special discounts.  When you get to the register, they can scan a single bar code on your phone and all of the discounts are applied, no fumbling with coupons required.

The Cartwheel app also lets your friends know what you’re looking at. In a big family this should generate significant upside during holiday shopping. My wife got several badges because her friends and family also use the application. As Jim said, your winning and savings just keep adding up. He also told me that I could get a Target debit card to save even more.  He then made a joke that reminded me why we should always do business with Target. He pointed out that many times customers go to Target for some purchases and that other store for others to get a better price.  Using the Target apps together with the Red debit card, you can do all of your shopping in one place, Target.  It’s a loyalty reward program that saves you time, money, and running around.

Now why do I share this with you? Is it because I love to shop? Is it because I’m looking to get more holiday gifts?  No, it’s because this whole process happened between me and a Target associate in less than 5 minutes. I can tell you this process has already generated greater customer loyalty and increased sales immediately and should increase our family spending with Target significantly over the next year.

Mobile technologies allow me to get great deals, share them with my family and friends, and connect me with a greater shopping experience.  Isn’t this what we all want?

I asked Jim how he learned about how to share this with me. He told me for the past several weeks, associates and managers have been receiving training on this new application. It was very clear to me that Target is getting serious about connecting with their customers. For several months now, cashiers have been reminding me about getting a Target card to save more money and now, the ultimate tool to build customer engagement and loyalty.

So how do you build customer loyalty and engagement with mobile technology? Just as importantly, how do you make every one of you employees a great spokesperson for your brand? There are endless possibilities, but it seems that Target has definitely hit on one.

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