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How Mobile Friendly is Your Brand?

So what’s your story? We’ve been talking about all the great qualities that mobile technologies possess, but haven’t gotten down to the most important factor to consider when looking at what mobile can do for you as a business. Mobile provides a great opportunity to tell your story. It allows…

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How to Create Impact with Your Marketing Message

How does your vision impact your market positioning? Last week, we talked about being a visionary and the benefits you can gain from it. I got several notes from clients who said I left out a step in the process of becoming a visionary.  They suggested to me that if…

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How to Build A Lasting Legacy For Your Growing Business

Over the past several weeks we’ve talked about the changes going on in marketing and why things are changing in business.  This week, we give you several ideas on how you can create a unique marketing message that you deliver.  If you look at many successful large organizations you discover…