How to Tell Good, Compelling Stories To Build Your Business

When E. F. Hutton Speaks, People Listen. Do you remember that commercial? Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen. That’s what happens when people tell stories or share something that relates to others, we all listen a little more intently, we lean in a little closer.

When you’re reading something that’s written like a story, it flows easier.  Have you ever noticed there are people who write stories and use stories when they speak from the stage, or in their copy, when you get an email from them or go online to read their sales letter?

If you can weave stories into your presentations, it will create a strong connection between the storyteller and the reader.

We’re all interested in each other, and we’re interested in other people’s stories and how they relate to us, how similar we are to one another. It gives us a deeper connection to that person. It gives your clients a connection to you when you tell them stories about something that has happened or is happening in your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s stories about your business, family, children, pets, or something you did. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in your emails, sales copy, or videos.

You want to incorporate a lot of stories into your marketing and into everything you’re doing.

How can you tell a story? How can you talk about something that’s happened? Maybe there’s a current event that relates to your business, or something that’s happened in your life, a story about a friend, or any other kind of story you can come up with.

Relating stories from your childhood, relating stories about something you’ve read, or something that resonated with you and you want to share. Maybe there’s a particular book you read or a movie you saw that touched you that you can talk about or build a story around. Think about stories and things you’re doing, and how you can tell stories in your marketing to make a deeper connection with people.

Whatever it is in your life, or whatever it is in the story you read or the movie you saw that you can relate to, when you share it, it connects you to people in a way that nothing else does.

Facts and figures don’t do it. Statistics don’t do it. And, you just telling people they should be doing a particular thing doesn’t convince them either. Whatever the topic is, nothing works as well as telling a story. Your entire email could be a story, or your entire sales letter, or video could be a story. Weaving a story into what you do can help you build your business.

See what you can do to incorporate more stories into your marketing and everything you do in your business.

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