Entrepreneur, are you the disruptor or disrupted in 2017?

How do you become the disruptor in 2017?How do you become the disruptor in 2017?

How is your market changing? Where do you turn when things are changing so quickly? Can you become a disruptor in 2017? What trends can you use to become a market leader?

Every year clients ask me to put together a presentation on what major trends are going to change how they do business in the coming year. We’ve all heard about many of the technology trends that are changing the way we do business.

Many leaders and, for that matter, many technical writers may have forgotten to factor in how your workforce handles these many changes. In many cases, your team members are more of a disruptor than your competition.  

In 2017, I believe successful organizations will first focus on their people. With the improving economy and increasing value of people’s retirement funds, we may start to see many older workers and founding entrepreneurs leave the workplace forever.

Do your team members know how much you value their contributions to your organization? I believe many millennials look at careers in a different way than past generations. The millennials I’ve spoken with would rather be the disruptor than disrupted. This means with the improving economy and increased demand for new technical skills, you could see major changes in your key roles across the organization.

New advanced analytics and emerging Internet of Things solutions will quickly change your markets.  Are your team members’ early adopters or laggards when learning new skills? Will your team meet the challenge working in a growing global marketplace? You must prepare your team for growth!

Will new technologies change your market landscape overnight? Today, we focus on the people in your business. How do you leverage teams and create a more innovative workplace? Over the next several weeks, we share different perspectives on what the future holds for your organization and what technologies will play a part in your future. I think you will find the attached presentation a great conversation starter for 2017! So, are you a disruptor or disrupted?

See you here in 2017 as we take on new challenges in new ways for better results. See you in 2017! Happy New Year!


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