How Do You Identify Your Best Mobile Opportunities?

How Do You Leverage Mobile Technology for Better Results?

How Do You Leverage Mobile Technology for Better Results?

How much of an impact does mobile have on your business?   If you’ve been reading business publications you know that mobile technologies are changing the way you do business today and it looks like it will continue evolving as we continue building out infrastructure to support new technological capabilities. I believe mobile will change the world the way the Gutenberg’s printing press changed printing.  Over 59% of people between 18-49 have Smartphones and that number is increasing every day.  In other countries the penetration numbers are even higher than this. Now what does that mean to you as a leader?

I’ve been working in emerging technologies for over twenty five years now and I’ve never seen a technology adoption curve like this in my whole career. I can’t think of one client I’m working with who is not exploring what mobile means to their customers and clients. Go to any leadership conference and you will hear talk about Mobile.  I see it as a revolution that continues changing the way we do everything.

 I spend time with doctors and they can’t wait to share how they’re using their iPads to track all my vital information.  When I tore my rotator cuff they were able to pull up a screen and show me the exercises they wanted me to do. I have a friend with heart blockage and his cardiologist showed him a diagram of his heart and the blockage he is experiencing. He was then shown a list of potential treatment options before he completed his visit.

Tablets continue to complement the sales professional in the field. In some cases, inside sales professionals take the customers through their product demonstrations and close large multi-million dollars sales without ever meeting the customer in person.  The best inside sales teams can secure these sales for a fraction of the cost of traditional sales.  Bad weather can’t keep these professionals from closing business. Professional business development is changing and you need to keep up if you intend to remain a market leader.

Today, engineers can walk their fellow engineers through plants around the world and help solve difficult problems without ever getting on the plane.  Imagine the productivity gains when you are no longer limited to being there in real time. Is mobile technology there yet?  Not quite, but it is being adopted at incredible speeds compared to other technical capabilities.

Businesses are just beginning to see the value that factory automation and sales force enablement can add to a business’s value.  Learning how to leverage new technologies can create durable competitive advantage for your organization when it’s time to partner with others or when you sell your business.

Finally, think about how your children learn and go to school. Many schools have been able to provide students with their own tablets to reduce the cost of books and physical space. Today’s school children can take courses from the best teachers in the world via their tablets. This allows classroom teachers the opportunities and time to teach again. The possibilities are endless.

Now what does this mean to you the reader of Market Leadership Journal? I’ve consulted with our editors and partners and have decided to add a second blog to the mix every week. We plan to have a blog out Monday afternoon that talks about how mobile technology is being used around the world with a local flavor.  We plan to share different resources that will help you, the leader, to better understand how to integrate mobile into your business strategies. Our writers and partners will share every Monday afternoon what’s happening in the mobile arena.

Several years ago this coming month, we started sharing what we thought it would take to become a market leader. Our readers tell us they love the quick read with easy implementable strategies that can help you grow your business we share every week. Many entrepreneurs tell me that they enjoy sharing our new blogs every week with their teams to help them leverage their time and resources.

We think Mobile is going to change the world and we want to help you leverage technology and people to see the potential for your own business.  We also want to provide you with material that can help you uncover your organization’s hidden assets while helping create a leadership position in your market.  We will do this by sharing different resources that are available and provide you with the tools you need to continue growing.

Starting next Monday afternoon we will be sharing great information on mobile strategies. Then every Wednesday, we will be back with another blog to help you grow your business your way. Please continue sharing our blogs with friends and your community. We have several new exciting projects to share in the coming weeks. See you here next Monday afternoon where we begin sharing mobile in a revolutionary way.

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