How Are You Generating Your Best Sales Leads?

I’m always reading books, websites, articles, looking for the issues and challenges you, the reader, are facing. From everything I’ve seen, lead generation is a big topic of interest. In just a cursory search on Google using the keywords lead generation, I found the following searches took place in the last month:
• 199,600 searches for business lead generation and variations on the term
• 682,900 searches for lead generation in general and variations on the term
• 76,900 searches for free lead generation and variations on the term
• 47,900 searches for buying leads and variations on the term
• 374,210 searches for sales leads and variations on the term

I won’t submit to the temptation of adding all of the numbers together, because that’s not how it works. But the fact is there are a lot of searches in the course of a month looking for help on lead generation. I’ve read and believe that lead generation has changed forever because of social media and the changing relationships between client and seller. I would be intersted in finding out how lead generation has changed and what technology businesses are doing to find their best customers.

I happened to pick up a book recently because the subtitle caught my eye — How to Generate All the Sales Leads You’ll Ever Need — Quickly, Easily, and Inexpensively. The author, incidentally, is Bob Bly, an outstanding copywriter and educator on the art of copywriting.

How to Generate All the Sales Leads You’ll Ever Need — Quickly, Easily, and Inexpensively. That’s the silver bullet we’re all really looking for, isn’t it? The secret to filling a huge funnel with all the sales leads we’d ever need with people who have raised their hands to say, “Hey I want what you have to sell!” And not only get all those leads, but get them without a lot of time, effort, or money. Wouldn’t that be great?

I’m not saying the title of the book is wrong. I’m just saying that what might be easy or quick for one person may be more time consuming or difficult for another. Also, most of you have some kind of lead generation system in place. Do you throw out what you have, even if it’s working, just not as well as you’d hoped it would? How do you integrate a new system with the one you have now? These questions are not so easy to answer. Success doesn’t come from copying someone else’s formula. Sometimes you have to learn all of the different options to determine which would work for you and which wouldn’t.

At the beginning of next week, we’re launching a short survey to see where everyone is in their lead generation process. Is it working for you? Do you feel like something is missing? Is it ok, but you want to get more out of your lead generation system? After we get the responses to the survey in, I’ll be having a teleseminar to discuss the results of the survey and provide tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your lead generation system. Check back early next week for your chance to tell us how your lead generation system is working and to get an invitation to the teleseminar for the results.

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