Why Mastermind Groups Work

In the first two parts of this article, Dan Kennedy describes the six reasons why you need a coach. In this final part, Dan writes about the options available for coaching. Most people think of coaching as a one-on-one experience. Many people are unfamiliar with or confused by the concept of mastermind coaching. Mastermind coaching brings together several people who can learn and grow by talking with each other. The most successful Mastermind groups are those facilitated by someone who can bring out the best of each member of the Mastermind group through skillful questions, broad experience, and a wealth of knowledge.

I’m in the process of putting together a Mastermind group for those in the technology and software markets. Please call me at 614-932-0655 to find out how you can be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

Why Top Performers Use Coaches – And You Need One Now, Part 3
by Dan Kennedy

What Exactly Is Business/Life Coaching?

Most of the industry-specific advisors I work with deliver coaching much the same as I do; with different “levels” appropriate for different people. The most common options begin with simple group tele-seminars or classes often with open question/answer for the participants, sometimes support with website resources or communities. Next, plus some one-on-one tele-coaching. Next, all that plus periodic mastermind group meetings. At the highest levels, people travel from all over the country to attend the meetings. For Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Members™ we offer several options, including group tele-coaching as part of Gold+ Level Membership; mastermind groups at the local level in more than 100 cities (see: Directory of Certified No B.S. Business Advisors™ and local Chapters at DanKennedy.com), and our international Peak Performances Group led by Bill Glazer and peak-performance specialist Lee Milteer.

Why Should You ‘Plug-In’ to One or More Coaches and Coaching Programs?

If any or all of the six needs I described apply to you, then the best investment you’ll ever make is finding and joining one or even several appropriate coaching programs!

Origins of Mastermind Group

Many coaching programs feature “Mastermind Meetings.” Typically, with 20 or fewer members, who share experiences and ideas, serve as each other’s sounding boards, gentle critics, tough questioners, and in some cases, assist each other with contacts and opportunities, one of the biggest sources of inspiration for the formation of such groups comes from the writings of Napoleon Hill in his books ‘Laws of Success’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ in which he describes the powerful mastermind alliance formed by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone. I learned about other aspects of mastermind groups from a number of sources, including Joe Mancuso, expert on family business and founder of the CEO Clubs, and from a backstage conversation with Henry Kissinger. “A Master-Mind may be created through the bringing together and blending in the spirit of perfect harmony two or more minds out of this blending the chemistry of the mind creates a third mind which may be appropriated and used by one or all.” — Napoleon Hill, ‘Laws of Success’

About The Author: Dan Kennedy is the author of nine business books, including his newest, NO B.S. TIME MANAGEMENT FOR ENTREPRENEURS, available in bookstores or from online booksellers. Additional information and free chapter previews at www.nobsbooks.com. Included with the book, a coupon for a free kit of peak personal productivity tools. Kennedy is also a busy entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and direct-response advertising copywriter. Info at www.dankennedy.com.

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