Introducing Bob Leonard

Bob Leonard Now at Market Leadership Journal

I met Bob Leonard several months ago. He impressed me with his understanding of marketing and business strategies. After talking with Bob, I asked him to write several guest blogs talking about the emerging marketing trend of content curation for SMB organizations. For many of us involved in creating content for our own businesses and our clients, this is a new skill of which Bob is an expert. He is going to share the information over the next several weeks. His first blog on content curation will be on Friday this week. Please take time to check out Bob’s blog at the Market Leadership Journal.

Bob Leonard is the managing consultant at acSellerant. Over a 20 year period, prior to launching acSellerant, Bob held individual contributor and management positions in Corporate Marketing, Field Marketing, Sales and Sales Support at EMC, GTE, Interleaf (document management), and Digital Equipment Corp.

acSellerant is a marketing agency defined by its clientele. We work with small to medium sized (SMB) information technology (hardware, software and/or services) companies. These IT vendors provide solutions to other businesses (B2B). You can find more information about Bob Leonard at acSellerant

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