content curation

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Content Curation from Source to Influence in Five Steps

I’ve been doing “Content Curation” for years. Ever since the internet and email have been widely available tools, I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of information I found interesting, thought-provoking, or just plain entertaining; and I shared with colleagues, friends, clients and prospects. Over time, I learned that it’s a…

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Curation – the Savior of SMB Content Marketers

We know content marketing is effective, yet for SMBs it often doesn’t deliver the results that it should. Why not? EXECUTION! Everybody who works in SMB B2B marketing is well aware of this. The agencies, the consultants, the gurus… even the clients know it. Smaller businesses just don’t have the…

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Introducing Bob Leonard

I met Bob Leonard several months ago. He impressed me with his understanding of marketing and business strategies. After talking with Bob, I asked him to write several guest blogs talking about the emerging marketing trend of content curation for SMB organizations. For many of us involved in creating content…