7 Ways Publishing a Simple Ezine Can Get You More Clients, Customers, and Sales Than You Ever Imagined

One of the biggest challenges any small business has is finding and retaining good clients and customers – and encouraging repeat sales. Here are 7 ways that publishing a simple e-mail newsletter, or “e-zine,” as little as once a month, will do this FOR you, easily and automatically!

1. An e-zine lets you grow a MAILING LIST to market to over and over again.

Stop marketing one-to-one and start marketing one-to-dozens, hundreds, or thousands!  Once you do this, it will change your business, change your life, and dramatically increase your income potential. Offering a free e-zine is one of the best ways to get people’s contact info and market to them easily, instantly, and repeatedly.

2. An e-zine will SELL your services FOR you.

Instead of simply saying how great your business is, an e-zine lets you SHOW how great you are by sharing your expertise through tips, insights, and client success stories. You’re avoiding simple bragging, and are instead offering useful information that proves you know your stuff.

3. Publishing an e-zine positions you as an EXPERT in your field.

By showcasing your knowledge and skills, you will naturally be seen as an expert without having to claim that you’re one. (Your audience will draw that conclusion!) “Experts” attract better clients and customers, can charge higher fees, get media attention easily, and receive speaking invitations galore. So it’s time YOU get seen as an expert!

4. An e-zine will STAY IN TOUCH with your clients and prospects for you, automatically, on a regular basis.

Unless you continually follow up with clients and prospects, they’ll soon forget about you. An e-zine keeps you on their ‘radar screens,’ in a non-obnoxious way. This constant contact makes these folks more likely to think of YOU — not someone they heard about yesterday — when they need to hire someone who provides your services or buy the type of products your company provides.

5. An e-zine will effortlessly SPREAD THE WORD about you and your business.

If you write a decent e-zine, your readers will be very likely to pass it on to friends and colleagues. Remember that old shampoo commercial that went, ‘And I told two friends, and she told two friends, and so on, and so on…’? That principle — clients passing on the word about your product or service — is called ‘viral marketing’ these days.

Most consultants begin their ezine list with only a few dozen subscribers who are their clients and associates. But after several months, you can have thousands of readers on your list around the world — thanks to viral marketing mixed with some promotional legwork.

6. An e-zine is the ideal way to CAPTURE the e-mail addresses of your WEB VISITORS.

If I visit your website today but aren’t ready to hire you today (and there’s a 99% chance I’m not), you’ve likely lost me forever when I click away. BUT if you invite me to sign up for your free e-zine that features helpful information on the topic I came to get help with anyway, I’ll be happy to sign up.

NOW you’ve got me to market to, over and over, as long as you give me the practical content you promised. I get to learn all about your services while you gain my trust. This is especially powerful because statistics show that people don’t make a purchasing decision until after they’ve seen 9 or more messages about it!

7. An e-zine is CHEAP and EASY to do — especially compared with offline marketing methods.

With an e-zine, there’s no design (unless you want there to be), no printing, and no postage costs. It costs you pennies to put together and send out. Plus, you can get the word out instantly compared with doing a traditional mailing. This is great if you are promoting teleseminars, webinars, or workshops and need to fill seats last minute.

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Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” is creator of the award-winning Boost Business With Your Own E-zine system. To learn more about this step-by-step program to get more clients and customers online, and to get her FREE REPORT, “The 3 Simple Secrets to Publishing an Ezine That Makes You Money,” go to http://www.boostbizezine.com/

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