Watson, Come Here, I Need You!

Thus starts the mystery of the mobile app featuring Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and A Game of Shadows.   Last week we talked about the mobile revolution and I shared several startling facts about how mobile is going to change the way we do business and the way we experience the world.

For Father’s Day, my kids decided to buy me the new Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows Combo Movie Pack. They were hoping to give me a wonderful multi-dimensional movie experience.  What can we, as marketers, learn from how this experience was put together?

It reminds me of one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes quotes, “My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know.” Now, what do I know that you don’t about integrated marketing strategies?  What do you need to know as marketers?

First, I was given a choice of movie media with my package from an Ultra Violet version that I can download onto my IPAD, to a regular DVD for use on my older DVD player or computer to a Blu-Ray for my newest video player.   I can experience Sherlock on his newest adventure in my home.  All this for less than $ 25.00 at my favorite Target store!!

With this package, I was able to go online and download a mobile app so I can turn my IPAD into a multimedia controller for the movie. I’m able to interact with a number of scenes and explore all the great things it takes to make an incredibly successful movie.  I’m sure as apps continue to evolve there will be even more opportunities to create a community around the movie experience. The Harry Potter films did a worldwide premier to their community using one of their apps and the internet.   Imagine the power of being able to reach out to your target audience through the technology located on their mobile phone.  The possibilities are limitless.

On the Blu-Ray version, I can have Robert Downy, Jr. guide me through Maximum Movie Mode which allows me the pleasure o f knowing what he was thinking as he was filming the movie. I can interact with Robert through picture-in-picture, storyboards, video focus points and stills galleries.  It makes me feel like I know the whole cast and that I was part of the creative process.

Sherlock used to say “Data! Data! Data! … I can’t make bricks without clay.” He would have a field day with the information available today through Facebook.

By supporting this app with Facebook, the studio has added over 3,500,000 fans to their database of consumers for the next movie.  They also know more information about these consumers than companies that have spent the past 30 years tracking psychographics for target markets and consumers. This was done for a very low cost and because of the use of the mobile app through Facebook there are 118,000 people online talking about the movie today. Think about the power of integrating these marketing platforms.  We are just beginning to understand the leverage we can create through a single Facebook portal.

I can see in the not too distant future for a few dollars more I can use the talent and creativity of the Hollywood studios to create a unique version of the movie that’s mine alone.

Even in the most challenging economic times, people look to escape from the daily grind by being entertained. I find that once people see the possibilities, they quickly demand it in others parts of their lives.  Many years ago, when AOL was at its peak in popularity, I remember client executives asking my companies to create a similar look and feel to their corporate metrics and scorecards.  Once you show people what’s possible, there’s no turning back.

Now, how do we apply this lesson to our businesses?  Here’s what I think we should take from this movie package. People want incredible experiences in their entertainment.  They also want it in the things they buy for their homes and business.  It’s not enough to create a good customer experience; we must strive to create a great experience for our customers.  Depending on what products or services you sell, you’ll discover people are looking to experience more of you. If you cannot create a connection with the audience you will lose that audience.   Today, the shelf life for many new products is measured in weeks and months, in the entertainment and gaming industry, its days and weeks. Once people begin to see the possibilities, it comes down to entertainment and connectivity using our technologies. Mobile technology will continue to lead the revolution. Smart marketers will learn to move faster to reach the right level of involvement with their customers.

As Sherlock would say “Come Watson, the games afoot. “

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