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Culture helps you build and retain a winning team!

Can Culture Provide Midmarket Leaders an Edge?

If you’re a successful mid-market entrepreneur you know the importance of building a strong culture in your business. In previous posts, we talked about the skills gap and the changing employment market as the economy continues to strengthen. What role does culture and personality play in attracting and retaining the…

How do Mid-Market CEOs Find Their Best People?

What Key Trends Are Impacting Mid-Market CEOs Today?

What trends are impacting the way you lead your business? How do you address them and, more importantly, how do you take advantage of them to strengthen your position in your markets?  How does the CEO of a mid-market organization grow and thrive into today’s constantly evolving business environment?

What Big Trends Will Impact Your Business in 2015?

What Big Trends Will Impact Your Business in 2015?

At this time of year, I’m often asked how I help my clients prepare for the coming year. For many of my clients, we spend time every quarter looking at a number of resources that help them focus on the bigger trends impacting their businesses. By doing this several times…

Can your value proposition target your client’s future opportunities?

How Do You Create a Breakthrough Value Proposition?

How do you create extraordinary value for your clients? How much do you know about what your clients and partners value from your work with them? What is your value proposition? Does this value proposition align with their future goals and direction? I believe that the future belongs to organizations…

Could your business be in trouble?

How Do You Know if Your Business Might Be in Trouble?

Is your business on the edge of being disrupted? Many of our great businesses are at risk because they are unable to keep up with more agile competitors. Today, we talk about how to know if your business could be in trouble. You probably know the answers to most of…

Do you help your clients see the big picture?

How Can Serving Entrepreneurs Find Their Best Clients?

How do you increase the average sales transaction for your growing business?  It’s funny, we coach clients on the different ways we can grow a client’s business, but fail to apply the same thinking to our own businesses. Before I get any more notes from people saying, “My clients would…

Does Your Coaching Prepare Your Clients for Success?

Can You Create Enough Value for a 7 Figure Coaching Client?

How do you create enough value so that a client pays you seven figures or beyond for coaching them for a year? I chose this amount because of a recent article I saw in Fortune Magazine, The Advice Issue, on stands until November 17. Tony Robbins is on the cover…

Can agile help you hit your growth targets?

Can Entrepreneurs Thrive in an Agile Age?

How can entrepreneurs take advantage of constant change? What do you need to do to create breakthrough products and services today? How can smaller organizations outmaneuver their larger competitors? These are three of the questions entrepreneurs want to know when building their successful business. I have good news for you. …

No Picture

Introducing Janice B. Gordon

If you’re an entrepreneur and have a successfully growing business, where do you turn for advice? If you’ve built a successful business, but want to take it to the next level, how do you find a partner who has been successful helping mid-market organizations thrive and grow in our changing…

Can a single book become a game-changer to expand your possibilities?

What’s the Next Game-Changer for Your Business?

I’m reading an interesting book called The E Leader, Reinventing Leadership in a Connected Economy by Robert Hargrove. The book is almost 12 years old, but many of the ideas Robert shared in the book are still important today.  If we are going through such rapid change, why is this…