What Big Trends Will Impact Your Business in 2015?

What Big Trends Will Impact Your Business in 2015?What Big Trends Will Impact Your Business in 2015?

At this time of year, I’m often asked how I help my clients prepare for the coming year. For many of my clients, we spend time every quarter looking at a number of resources that help them focus on the bigger trends impacting their businesses. By doing this several times a year, we are better able to take advantage of opportunities that may be emerging in their markets. So what trends will impact your mid-market business in 2015?

Having done this for many years, I’ve discovered some great resources that help my clients decide what’s ahead in the year to come. I believe it was Will Rogers who once said that an economist is someone who makes their living predicting the next several recessions while only having one.  We can’t predict all the trends that will impact my clients, but I believe we can reduce risk by looking at the trends that might impact my clients in the coming year.  Each mid-market business is unique, but they share several key challenges in the coming year.  The three I’m sharing with all of my clients are; talent management, increasing revenue and growth goals, and several trends impacting their succession and sustainability goals.

I found a great resource many years ago when I worked with Deloitte, doing executive search for them.  Deloitte is in a great position to share their insights into what they see coming in 2015.  Their teams create many special reports for the mid-market leader.  Normally, I get a note after their special events, but this year I was given a heads up by their team that they have a program coming up this Thursday, December 4 at 11:30 AM ET. If you’re a mid-market entrepreneur putting your plans together for next year, I recommend you attend their meeting online this Thursday.

You might also want to check out their other free resources. I can’t be sure but I believe that their new report may be coming out over the next several weeks and you’ll want to read it cover to cover.  You can also see earlier reports .  Your free 2015 report will be available very soon.

If you would like to know more about this Thursday’s program and potential updates, check the Virtual Perspectives page.

I’m currently not working with Deloitte, but wanted to make sure you had access to this great free program. It will be hosted by Liz Claman of Fox Business.  There will be a virtual round table including Charles Besser, Founder, President and CEO, Intersport, Steve Rudnitsky, President and CEO, Dolce Hotels, and Roger Nanney, national leader of Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services. This is great panel and I’m sure there will be a lively discussion on issues impacting mid-market organizations.

I plan on attending and taking notes. This sounds familiar to my clients; I never go anywhere when I’m not taking notes. I’ll share my thoughts on what the leaders said and then provide you with several implementable ideas that you should consider as you move go into 2015.

See you Friday, when I’ll share several ideas to help you get the most out of your holidays. Then next week, I break down what was discussed in the roundtable and how you might take advantage of coming opportunities in 2015. See you Friday!

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