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What leadership skills are needed for merger boom time?

What Leadership Skills are Needed for Merger Boom Time?

These are high times for mergers and acquisitions.  In 2014, corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) worldwide reached a seven year high of around $4 trillion. KPMG’s 2015 M&A Outlook Survey Report was headed “The Boom is Back: M&A Reemerges as Leading Growth Strategy”. “Boom”? Does that sound like a good time…

Do you work for a fair weather leader?

How to Work with a Fair Weather Leader

How do you work with a fair weather leader? Why this question should have entrepreneurs take stock of the people leading their teams today!

May you know the joy of sharing this Christmas

What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Want This Christmas?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What do successful market leaders want for Christmas? I’ve spent significant time on the road and the phone this year talking, walking, and working with entrepreneurs. I thought you might be interested to learn want the want in their life in 2015 and beyond….

Do the leaders you know have a sense of humor?

Can Humor Help You Become a Stronger Leader?

When you think about the one quality that sets great leaders apart, it’s their ability to laugh and find joy in their work. Think of all the great leaders you’ve known. I would bet they had a great sense of humor. They took leadership seriously, but not themselves. I think…

Are You Growing a Great Midmarket Business in 2015?

Are You Growing a Great Midmarket Business in 2015?

How do you grow a great midmarket business? What qualities do they possess? What are the major issues impacting your business for 2015? I’ve spent most of my career working in and with market leading midmarket businesses. Over the past 25 years, I discovered there are several key leadership strengths…