Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool – A Customer Newsletter

If you’re already producing a monthly customer newsletter, keep up the great job. If you’re thinking about starting one for your business, wait no longer – it will prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made!  

Here’s why: Newsletters are cheap, they provide valuable information, and they keep your name in front of your customers, prospects, and former customers.  

Why am I such a stickler about sending your newsletter on a monthly basis? Because testing has shown that newsletters lose their impact when they arrive with less frequency. Essentially, when you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. And while you’re out of mind, your customers are being bombarded with marketing messages from competitors. 

Let’s look at how practical and profitable it is to mail your customers a monthly newsletter. Assume that your cost to design, print, and mail a monthly customer newsletter is $0.89 including postage, or about $10 per year. If you think that is unrealistic, either you’re a new reader of this blog or you have not visited

In his book Automatic Marketing, author Benjamin Hart writes about the awesome power of a monthly newsletter and gives a great “dollars and cents” illustration of how important newsletters are to your business. He breaks it down as follows.  

If the profit on your average sale to a customer is $100, you would have to make only one sale every 10 years to that customer to break even on your newsletter. But what if the profit on your average sale is $300 or even $l,000? If you’re a lawyer, a plastic surgeon, or a CPA, or you sell office supplies or printing to businesses, your profit per sale could easily be thousands of dollars. Maybe you run a restaurant, a dry cleaner, or a hair salon, and your profit per sale is only $20. But if you can get your customer to come in once a month, that’s $240 in profit per year from that customer—all for a marketing cost of only $10.

Can you see why sending a monthly newsletter to your customers, prospects, and former customers is like having an ATM machine with an unlimited source of cash that you can withdraw any time?

Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru, has been writing and designing newsletters for clients in just about every industry for nearly 30 years. If you’re ready to boost your profits by increasing your repeat and referral business, get Jim’s FREE e-course, The Awesome Power of Newsletter Marketing, at

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