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Newsletter Marketing – Frequency Trumps Everything

If you’ve been reading Jim Palmer’s blog at for a while, you’ve heard me say that how often you send a customer newsletter is the most important thing. It is more important than its style, color, size, name, or anything else you can think to ask me about. Some companies will send…

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The Value of a Lifetime Customer

I’ve been in and around the business world for almost 30 years, and I can tell you that while most savvy business owners understand that it’s important to maintain good relationships with their customers and keep them repurchasing for many years, most would be hard-pressed to give you a dollar…

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Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool – A Customer Newsletter

If you’re already producing a monthly customer newsletter, keep up the great job. If you’re thinking about starting one for your business, wait no longer – it will prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made!   Here’s why: Newsletters are cheap, they provide valuable information, and they keep your…