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We’ve had many great guest bloggers on the Market Leadership Journal. Our goal is to bring you the best thinking on the technology business as it becomes available. With my business, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of fascinating people. While working on a project with a client to help them recruit business partners, Lori Burdin’s name came up as someone who could bring a West Coast perspective on where channel partnerships are going and how to get there. Tommorow Lori will be guest blogging for us, sharing her thoughts on why CEOs need to be more involved in the Channel. She’s going to share what CEOs can learn from FlashMobs. I think you are going to enjoy her blog and I’m certain its going to raise the energy in your channel partnerships.

Lori Budin has been the President of Channel Fundamentals, Inc. for 5 years. She’s a results-driven sales and marketing executive with a 20-year track record of developing and implementing profitable channel strategies, building high-performance channel programs, and optimizing channel sales operations for businesses ranging from pre-IPO startups to market-leading corporations.

Many of her clients are recognized leaders in their fields including VeriSign, Postini/Google, LogLogic and Solidcore/McAfee. Her unique background in Channels began in the Semiconductor category where she ran the Channel for a large manufacturer and then transferred that experience to many Silicon Valley software and SaaS companies over the past 20 years.

So please join us tomorrow for a blog posting you won’t want to miss!

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