Your Business Success Quadrants

These days it seems like everyone has their view on what it takes to have success in business, how to put it all together, and what the elements of success really are in business and in life. After giving this a lot of thought, here’s a little different spin on the whole topic.

The four quadrants of business success are marketing, systems, people, and mindset. All of these are interrelated and connected while also being extremely important in their own right.

Marketing is the cornerstone of your business. It is the foundation of your business, and just like when you build a house, without a good foundation, your business won’t stay standing long without this critically important foundation.

Good, solid marketing can cure a lot of issues and challenges that most businesses have. A clear understanding that you are in the business of marketing your business and that you are not in the business of doing the thing that you do is one of the biggest keys to success in business there is. Just that simple change in your mindset, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves…not quite ready to discuss that quadrant yet.

Systems are another critically important element of any business. All of us who have grown businesses from nothing to something understand how important it is to have good systems. The more systems you have the easier it is to grow and advance your business as things really get rolling for you.

All smart business owners know you manage systems, not people.

The key here is to treat your business as if it is a big business from the very beginning. Document how things are done, from the simple and mundane to the complicated. This includes the tasks that are done everyday in your business and the things that happen only occasionally, and all the things in between too.

Checklists seem to work best – simple, step-by-step checklists that allow anyone to pick up the manual and accomplish any task in your business. When your systems are good enough that the business really functions without you, that’s when you know you have a business and not just a job.

Finally, people! Without which, nothing really happens. There are internal and external customers in every business. Your external customers are your clients, or those people who buy from you and keep you in business. Your other external customers are your vendors, suppliers and folks like that. And, your internal customers, which some businesses don’t think about as customers at all, are your staff and employees.

All of these 4 things are interrelated and when we get all of them connected together the right way, that’s when we hit the sweet spot of our businesses and things seem to happen more easily, we make more money, and everyone enjoys what they’re doing a lot more.

Take these 4 business essentials, put them together, and create a hugely successful business.

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