The Best Quality Goes Unnoticed

When executing your sales and marketing campaigns, the use of some form and/or combination of communication media (print, video, multimedia, internet) ultimately comes into play. Whatever strategy is chosen will still result in a substantial investment. However, what can sometimes do more harm than good is when an organization, in an effort to cut corners on its investment, chooses a vendor or approach with quality that falls below acceptable standards.

This often begs the question: who determines these standards? The truth is that we all do. We just don’t know it. During your normal routine, how often do you read a magazine, newsletter, or browse the internet? How often do you review a brochure or advertisement for a product or service that interests you? How often do you watch television or listen to the radio?

Because of your constant exposure to communication media, you already have an unconscious standard of quality. Anytime you turn on the TV or open a brochure, you unknowingly compare what you are seeing to that to which you are already accustomed. If it meets this comparison, your attention is immediately directed to the content… the message of the communication.

But what if the quality of your printed piece or video falls below standards to which your audience is already accustomed? Low quality refers to bad writing, unprofessional design, or sloppy printing. This is extremely common nowadays in video found online, which often contains disjointed writing and organization, or production standards that are below what we expect.

If this is what your audience encounters, then your audience will not heed your message. Your audience will not get their attention past your message’s flawed delivery. Your effort to effectively communicate will fail.

The Best Quality Goes Unnoticed…As it Should!

In communication media, the best quality is that which goes unnoticed by its audience. In other words, if audiences view a quality video presentation (online or on TV) that delivers value and/or a compelling message, they will not notice how well the video is done. Instead, their minds and hearts will focus on your message. They will be inspired to ask more questions, and want to learn more. You will have achieved a successful engagement.

If your audience misses your message because it is distracted by poor quality in media, they will not only think less of your method of communication, but they will think less of your organization. This is why we adamantly state that if you choose to invest in communication media, invest wisely and in quality, or don’t invest at all.

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