What Do Women Want?

I just spent the past several weeks on the road meeting with many great clients and partners across the world. It’s always exciting to hear about all the successes they are having and how they are growing. I can’t remember a time when all my clients are doing such similar projects and looking for similar results.

What are all my clients buzzing about? That’s easy. They all want to know how to sell to women and how to create marketing materials that attract women to their products and services.  Now I may be venturing out on thin ice here, but I think I may have uncovered the secrets they are looking for. I’ve been working and interacting with women for over 50 years. Starting with my Mom and working my way up through today. I’ll share the three things that all women want and what they demand from the best partners. You might read this and say, “Tripp, have you lost your mind? These aren’t secrets.  I know these things better than you. Why did you waste my time with these three things? How do you expect me to implement them? You’re rotten for bring me so close but not sharing what you really know. “ Bear with me and read my three secrets to what women want.

The first element for successfully selling to women is being authentic. How many times have you heard people want to deal with people who are real? Women want to deal with people who let them share their ideas and dreams. They don’t need an expensive car or watch.  It’s more important to them that you are who you say you are.  They prefer people who are transparent.  In our society, we admire the perfect body, perfect hair and makeup. But we love women who can throw on a pair of jeans and are still comfortable in their own skin.  The ideal message rings of truth and our own experiences.  Women have a built in BS detector and they aren’t afraid to use it. They have the ability to focus in on the problem and then be open minded about the best way to solve it. “Sell me a practical solution that I can use and your halfway home to closing the deal.”

The second element is helping women get the results they want while respecting them.  So much bad marketing tries to convince women they don’t know what they’re talking about. Women expect to be treated with respect. Don’t insult their intelligence by minimizing what and who they know. My successful partners understand fantasy is good but mutual respect is better.  Take time to listen to women’s stories and challenges. Let them know that you understand. That’s the other part of getting a woman to look at your product or service. Women expect you to partner with them. How does your solution help women but more importantly, how do you help women individually? Women will buy from you but they need you to know you are in it for the long haul, because she is.

The third element and the real way to a woman’s heart and checkbook is humor.  Why do women love the Old Spice Man?  They know a guy just like him and it reminds them of something funny that happened. The combination of humor and partnership is unbeatable. Study after study shows the first thing that attracts a woman to a man is humor. They can share it with their family and friends and they can laugh out loud.  If you want to build a trusting relationship with your female customers and clients, don’t take yourself so seriously.  There are serious things happening in the world and most women know it. They don’t need another stuffed shirt lecturing to them about their children and their problems. If your marketing can make people smile, you’re on your way. Understanding how to tell humorous stories is a great way to connect to your female market.  No matter how serious the situation, a little humor can take you far. 

Now why did I bring this up today? This weekend is Mother’s Day. I’ve spent many years watching people try to connect with women.  Spending billions of dollars to try to convince women of things they know to be untrue or, at best, half lies. I’m always surprised how many different ways people can miss the mark. The money wasted on trying to impress with no connection to who the person is and the situation that they are in. I was very fortunate that the first woman I had a serious relationship with was committed to helping make sure I understood where people were and didn’t try to impress them. I believe she is why I have such strong connections to my female clients. She taught me to be real, respect others, and always share a funny story. It has served me well in the first half of life and I’m sure it will in the second half, as well.  Thanks for these lessons, Mom.  I’ll never forget them, or you.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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  1. marshajwilson | May 9, 2012 at 9:21 pm |

    May I also chime in? Women have little/no time.

    If you can provide a time-saving device, then by all means market to me.

    However, if it takes longer to demonstrate why it will save me time, longer to teach me how to use it than the ultimate savings I will reap, please skip me and find someone else to sell to.

    I also agree that humor, authenticity and results with respect are valuable marketing angles to reach this majority audience. Thank you for your take, Tripp.


  2. I agree with your thinking Marsha. You make several great points. I think most of my clients have similar challenges on the time front. Before I work with many of my female clients they are time jugglers, after we work together they are able to remove up or delegate up to 80% of their activities. I’m not sure why such a high number but its been proven consistant over the past 20 years so I’m confident that it’s a good number. I’m working on a blog on time management for women that should run early next month that you might find enjoy.

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